Acting on request we have received from several of our customers my partner Dmitriy and I have released Review Blogs System. First of all I need to describe what it is, what it does or rather – what it is designed to do and why you should care!

Launched softly to our existing customers Review Blogs so far is well received and it is designed to do one thing and one thing only – Help You Build Product Review Blogs and capitalize on popular trend of Affiliate Reviews.

It will still require from you the blogging knowledge and ability to promote your new blog as it is a tool!

What Is In Review Blogs Product?

In a nutshell:

  • Custom theme optimized for search engines and coded to load fast. Nothing extra, nothing unneeded while still creating a custom look and easily customizable header.
  • Several professionally created headers to allow people to start right with custom look.
  • SB Ratings plugin that is available under Creative Common License and fixed by us to work flawlessly with our custom theme. NOTE: We Do NOT sell the plugin, its fixed, custom version provided by us under original license and given only for your convenience, if you don’t like it – you can use original plugin.
  • Several plugins we consider an absolute must have for the system to work and once again – provided fro your convenience only – not sold by us.
  • Detailed PDF guide that explains the steps required to install the theme, SB ratings plugin and their proper configuration and some details on support and additional info.

Info above covers pretty much what is offered in budget priced solution: Review Blog Theme for $17.

It is the Theme we created that is been sold with custom headers, guide and support, all plugins simply come as bonus to you.


To simplify the process even farther and building on method that has proven successful – we provide and Upgrade Solution:

Review Blogs System

It includes everything listed above but we have taken the simplicity one step further. Just was the case we used our proprietary install and configuration script to tie all the freely available plugins together, activate, configure them and make it simple for you to start using the new Review Blog you create.

It also comes with a Video Tutorial that allows you to do it step by step while watching my on-screen actions. Simplicity is everything!

As an added bonus we provide full PSD to customer who purchase this upgrade for the headers, to allow even higher customization of your new blog.

Once again – we don’t sell the WordPress itself here, or the plugins!

We provide solution via custom install script, custom theme (not GPL), headers, install guide and the support.

If you decide you want to have a second look at it – we have also included the video on the Review Blog sales page, so you can make educated decision!