Last couple weeks been a bit tough and perhaps you have noticed it with the rather apparent lack of posts on my blog. My partner and I have run into some issues with our new product Review Blogs and been quite busy taken care of it.

Lessons learned as result but we are back in business and best of all – we ensured that none of our custoemrs were or will be impacted as result of our mistake. The issue was made transparent to the customers and we did everything in our power to make it so. So, if you haven’t grabbed the Review Blogs Theme or the System – time is great to do it now! And in mean time I want to share some useful reading…

These are the posts I manged to read this week and found of particular interest for myself:

  • Liz Strauss wrote a post Are You Listening? Influence and Participation Above the Noise that brings up the importance of correct social marketing. And guess where it starts? Listening! This article is well worth the time for you to read to understand how to avoid great many mistakes people make on social networks!
  • And my second post leads to a person Liz introduced me to – Gail Goodwin and her Inspiration blog. Quite frankly I’m hard pressed to point out any single blog post and instead I just want to lead you to the latest – Celebrate Your Moments of Success.  If you ever needed a boost to help you move ahead with your daily tasks and just a bit of inspiration – her blog is a great place to go!
  • Michel Fortin in his older but great post P.S.: Don’t Forget to Include This in Your Copy outlines importance of the Post Script in your copy! Michel is one of the top copywriters on the web and importance of the P.S. that he outlines in his post will serve you well. Don’t disregard it just because you are not creating a sales page! The ending paragraph of your blog post is a form of P.S. you can use on your blog! Your signature on forums is your P.S. Your email to a friends -SHOULD include P.S. Just a few points but read his post to get the full idea!

This round up presents a collection of great articles in my opinion and I want to stop to ensure you have the time to digest them! Take the time to help yourself!