Creating content is relatively easy for most bloggers – what becomes problematic is getting that content seen.

How Do I Get Targeted Traffic To My Blog?

Question above is perhaps one that people ask me most often and one that really has no simple answer. I don’t believe there is a single source that will simply deliver you “massive traffic”, be it an SEO, social marketing, article marketing, video marketing, forum marketing… you name it!

What I do believe is that combination of ALL will generate the results you need. What becomes problematic is time at this point and in this post I want to share simple tips how you can simplify process by using “Economy of Action” – term coined by my friend and Social Marketing Wiz Dr. Ron Capps.

Make no mistake – what I’m about to describe here will not take away the need for you to work but rather provide you options to do promotion once and have it spread to multiple places, once you setup all accounts correctly!

1. Free Video Distribution Service

TubeMogul is a free service that allows you upload video once and that redistribute it to multiple video sharing sites! You will have to singup for the multiple accounts but once you finish – process becomes quite simple and easy to follow.

You also have options to promote your submitted videos for each service using social networking sites. I would be careful with that option as you don’t want to appear as spammer by promoting same video on multiple media sites.

Minus: Service is free and submission doesn’t work 100% of the times, some will fail.

2. Social Bookmarking Service

OnlyWire is a king in that perspective. And account is free once you add their chicklet somewhere on one of your blog. You will have to setup all the services just like in any others but once completed – single click will submit your content to multiple social bookmarking sites and social networks. I always recommend to try to keep ratio of 3 to 1, meaning that you submit 3 other pages before you do your own. This way you contribute to each service and not only pushing your own.

Minus: Because you submit to multiple sites some will require that you take additional steps to complete submission. Similar to what you would do if submitting to each by hand.

3. One To Many Services

This group is my favorite and one I use on regular bases because it truly puts “economy of action” into work – a single click allows me to submit my content to multiple services, which includes social bookmarking sites, social networks, free hosted blogs and even Video services i some cases. – my absolute favorite as it allows me to actually do the submission via plugin without me even touching my blog! I describe the process in this post “Be Part Of “WordPress Spotter” Social Influence Experiment” – it works for me like a charm and I highly recommend it! It does take a bit to setup all accounts but it is well worth it as you will see traffic influx fairly quickly, assuming you are active in those networks!

Pixelpipe – new service I just recently discovered that works similarly to but to my best knowledge doesn’t have a WordPress plugin for it yet. What it does have is ability to submit Videos to several media sharing sites! Quite nice addition, although in my opinion it doesn’t replace the TubeMogul in its functionality yet. But if you are pressed for time – this service is something worth looking at!

4. Commercial Options

There are several commercially available options you can purchase that can simply the process for you. I will only mention those I personally use and tested on my own blogs.

  • Auto Social Poster – this plugin works quite well and its huge benefit is its ability to expand beyond basic social networks. And what I mean by that is that you have ability to locate and than use Scuttle and ScuttlePLUS based bookmarking sites. Several of them I personally found have quite nice page ranking and also have DoFollow, so each post you publish gets several backlinks with full SEO benefits from those sites! VERY POWERFUL!
  • WordPress Traffic – this product actually give you more than just bookmarking plugin. It is a set of 3 plugins that helps you add PLR content and than promote it on autopilot and also import RSS. That last option I absolutely hate as in my opinion it adds to the multitude of “automated blogging tools” that do nothing but scrape other people’s content. What we are interested in is the Socializeit-Pro plugin that does the promotion to multiple social networks! Unlike the ASP – it doesn’t have license limitations and once you purchase it – you can use it on as many sites as you like and as many times as you like.
  • Traffic Geyser – not a plugin but rather service that will do promotion for you. You will have to submit content and provide the details on how and where it should be submitted but this service as close to fully automated promotion as you can get. It is not cheap but quality services never are, as you will discover! You get what you pay for and this service is one well worth considering if you can part with cash.

Whichever options you choose – you have to use them! Nothing will simply deliver targeted traffic to you – you have to work on it and you have to ACT! I hope this post will help you save time by using one of the options mentioned above!