Quite unexpectedly I was notified yesterday by Colin at Free PC Security that he awarded me with Mentoring Award for sharing a few thoughts when he first started blogging. Recognition of our efforts IS important and I’m very greatful to Colin for that award.

Harvard School Of Public Health declared January a National Mentoring Month in US. Colin provided this quote from Sue, who nominated him:

“This is an initiative spearheaded by the Harvard Mentoring Project of the Harvard School of Public Health, with the aim of recruiting volunteer mentors to help young people achieve their full potential. The US Harvard School of Public Health is dedicated to thanking or honoring individuals who have guided us and had a lasting impact on our lives.”

… which presents us (bloggers) with an opportunity to acknowledge people who help us to develop. And here are my awards…

Perhaps I will not be original in my awarding but it comes from my efforts to be as efficient as possible. I follow a simple 80/20 rule: 20% of the blogs I subscribe to deliver 80% of the information I use to continue my personal growth as blogger and learn on daily bases. I want to award people, whose freely shared information makes biggest impact on my own blog and online business:

  • Jack Humphrey at Friday Traffic Report. All things Web 2.0 as they relate to blogging can be found on his blog. Jack’s Authority Blackbook was one of the guiding principles that was used in creating this blog almost a year ago that brought very unexpected results. But achieving more then expected is always good and I personally read Jack’s RSS feed on daily bases and would like to thank him for his contribution.
  • Andy Beard at Niche Marketing. Some of the best information on SEO and Niche marketing as it relates to blogging. Andy shares more info for free then many people provide in paid products. While sometimes he gets technical, his info is always easy to read and digest and I recommend you get his RSS to help you develop your own blog. Thanks Andy!
  • Michelle MacPhearson at Social Marketing. You don’t know what you don’t know about social marketing Cool (pan intended) . Michelle’s blog is a great resource to see what you perhaps have missed or never even thought off! She is also the person behind at least 2 widgets currently used on this blog (Sphinn It and Plug IM) that are responcible for a great percentage of the traffic this blog receives. Michelle – you are the star!
  • Brian Clark at Copyblogger. Copywriting is my weakest point and English being a second language is no excuse. I always strive to do better and reading Brian’s blog is an absolute must for myself. When it comes to NEED TO KNOW information to make your blog readable – his blog is best of the breed for my taste. I’ll be reading you Brian, whether you like it or not Tongue out!
  • Yaro Starak at Internet Business Blog. Yaro moved into internet marketing from being a successful blogger and I find his blog to be extremely informative in aspect of combining the two with superb results. Many bloggers view the IM and blogging as opposing each other while I always consider blogging and Internet Marketing more of a symbiotic relationship. Yaro is one of the best in providing with blueprints to follow if your view fits into same category. Don’t feel lonely Yaro!
  • Terry Dean at Internet Business Coaching. If you are just blogging for fun you should perhaps ignore this one. Terry is a success coach in Building Internet Business and what he shares on his blog is directly related to it. His thoughts on developing your hobby into a real business shared freely on blog can be worth more then most products. Hats off to Terry!

While there are many more people that deserve this award I wanted to present it to people, whose blogs I read on daily bases (or however often updates available).

Thank you for your personal, even though sometimes unknowing contribution to my own growth!