Whether you love blogging just for the fun of it or you are trying to pursue it as a career, you may eventually need to write a post or administrate your blog from the road. It simply is not viable to expect to be able to blog from your computer at home or at work all the time. Fortunately, there are many who have found themselves in your situation, and this has given rise to two revolutionary concepts: blogging apps and phone tethering.

There are many great apps for mobile blogging that can be used with a good mobile broadband connection while on the go to publish more little pieces of yourself for the world to see. Here are a few great mobile blogging apps for your iPhone.


Since WordPress is currently the hottest blogging platform in the world, it makes sense that the WordPress app is at the top of our list. With this app, your WordPress blog can be in your pocket at any hour of any day or night. This app allows you to create new posts or edit old ones from your iPhone. You can also moderate comments freely if necessary. This app will connect you directly to your WordPress blog from wherever you are.

Pen My Blog

Pen My Blog has a user-friendly and intuitive interface that can easily and quickly be mastered by even the most amateur mobile bloggers. Posts can be created, deleted, or even just modified as required in a simple and straightforward fashion. If you are a more advanced blogger, however, you may want to use a more advanced app, as Pen My Blog does not allow certain advanced functions like HTML editing or landscape mode.


For more diversity across blogging platforms, iBlogger is the best option. It is compatible with not only WordPress but also Type Pad, Moveable Type, Expression Engine, and many other platforms. This app allows you to add pictures to your posts, manipulate categories, and use tags. You can view yours or anyone else’s blog in high quality format right from your iPhone.


If you are a Tumblr blogger, this Tumblr app will open up for you a world of possibilities, all of which can be accessed directly through your iPhone. This app allows you to edit old posts or create new ones, and you can even add quotes, pictures, categories, or tags to any post. If you are a video or audio blogger, the Tumblr app will let you post new audio or video content that you can also record directly on your iPhone.


If these apps just aren’t doing it for you or you simply must have a bigger keyboard, you can also blog on the go by tethering your iPhone’s (or other smartphone’s) mobile broadband connection to an iPad, laptop, or other device with a Bluetooth or cable connection. To activate the hotspot tethering feature, first make sure the feature is turned on for your phone with your carrier.

Once your carrier has enabled your iPhone for tethering, visit the Settings menu and click on the General tab followed by the Network tab. Make sure the Cellular Data slider is in the On position. Below this, you will see an option labeled Personal Hotspot. Click on this and slide the slider to the On position. You may set a password for accessing your iPhone’s mobile broadband connection if you like.

To set up your laptop or iPad for tethering, visit its Network Settings menu and find the name of your iPhone under the Available Devices tab. If you added a password, enter it here, and you should be connected and ready to blog from your laptop or iPad using your iPhone’s Internet connection.

Guest Post By: Blake Sanders is a tech writer at UK broadband comparison site Broadband Expert, with a specialty in mobile broadband and phones, as well as the latest in mobile internet provider news and information.

Note: Photo courtesy of english106 via FlickR Creative Commons.