How do you make your blog stand out from multitude of others?

Answer this question correctly and you are guaranteed to succeed. There is simply no way you can possibly fail if your answer this one right. And while you blog has a good chance to succeed through persistence and quality content – in this post I wanted to share an example of blog that I think will help you a lot more then what I can write here. It is something you simple have to see and experience!

I want to introduce you to Buzz Marketing blog and Dean Hunt because I think what you will learn from his blog will help you make a leap forward from your competitors and stand out in a way other people only dream of.

I have been reading Dean’s blog for a quite a while now and each time I’m surprised by sharp sense of humor that his entire blog filled with. For me personally HUMOR of his blog is what made me notice it and continue to read it.

Humor made me his reader and one of “6 Billion” subscribers, yeah he has proof for that!

And while the humor was one thing that stopped me and forced me to read – I came to appreciate his marketing strategies later. Dean shares his free report “Confessions of Buzz Content Hustlers” available as instant access on his sidebar and I highly recommend you read it.

11 pages of blog marketing strategies that will help you more then many eBooks I have seen sold on internet on daily bases. Sometimes FREE is PRICELESS! This is one of those cases and I can’t recommend enough to take the time and read it, plus it is very nicely designed 😆

And when you are done reading – you will realize that this post is too closely follows one of the content hustling strategies, but in reality it isn’t. I really do think that Deans’ blog is a great example of how humor can be effectively used as part of marketing strategies, if you have the nuck for it!

I don’t normally go around praising someone but in this case I think it will help you, my reader and I hope you will like what I shared. So here are the essential links:

Let me know what you think!

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