If you are a frequent reader of my blog or one of my customers perhaps you have noticed that since Monday afternoon till about 4 PM yesterday most of my “known” and business associated sites we not accessible.

Reason for this is simple – my DNS registrar screwed up big time by misunderstanding my request and making changes on my account, which due to other technical issues they experience I was unable to undo. This one mistake resulted in over 12 hours outage to my business sites! And as result of this one I have a lessons learned I want to share…

Domain Name Registrar Support

This one is HUGE! From now on I will NEVER buy a domain name from registrar that doesn’t provide phone support and will be migrating all my business domain names from Namesecure to my new choice – NoMessDNS.com

24/7 Phone Support and knowledgeable stuff behind it.

As I have learned during this fiasco my preferred registrar NameSecure has stopped providing phone support since last time I needed to use it.

You see, I’ve been hosting my domains with them for quite a few years and this one was first major problem but when it hit me – I have learned quickly that the only support option I have is email and sometimes it can take as long as 24 hours, even if the issue was introduced by their support!

Not Acceptable!

Phone support is a MUST even if its only during the business hours but you need to have access to live person in order to undo any mistakes they might have made through miscommunication or misunderstanding.

When mistake kills your business – simple “I’m Sorry” from support stuff just will not do!

Registrar Options

While most of them will give you ability to change your own DNS Servers etc, this is what became the initial cause for the problem for me in first place.

For some reason I was unable to change DNS servers for several of my domains and that included one that I was trying to move to my hostgator account. I have opened a problem ticket and notified Namesecure of the issue.

Tech escalated the problem and stated he can do the changes for me, so I replied to his email and requested ONE specific domain name DNS servers to be changed to hostgator and then provided him with list of domains I’m unable to make changes to for the previous escalation.

Been a helpful chap the tech changed ALL the domain names I provided to hostgator DNS servers, which effectively killed my business for over 12 hours since it took him that long to get to my immediate response with cry for UNDO that ASAP.

This was a rather rare predicament and first time it happened to me and I’ve been with those guys I think for 9 years.

Lesson learned – move my business critical domains to registrar where I can get immediate access to support – NoMessDNS.com.