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Learn How To Write SEO Content That Works!

Writing SEO content is a powerful way of driving hordes of traffic to your blog. Writing content for SEO purpose is a great way of increasing traffic from search engine. Before you consider writing an article that ranks well, you need to research more on your primary keyword, and secondary keyword.

To be successful in SEO content writing, you need to write a pillar content that really explain what the headline says. If you check most top 10 sites on Google search results, you will see that most of their articles are pillar articles and thats why they are getting huge traffic.

Before you start writing SEO content, you need to identify the best keyword that will generate high amount of traffic. For example if your target market is forex, your chosen niche might be “forex trading software” As you are writing article you need to identify keywords that are related to your primary keywords for example;

a) forex trading software review.
b) Automated Forex trading
c) forex signal trading.
d) Automatic trading system.
e) Forex robot system.

The above are just some secondary keywords that you should include in your article. Once you have all the profitable keyword, the next stop is to start to write your SEO content. The best way to produce SEO content is to get ideas from forums. For you to write the best content for your blog, your should consider the below tips;

a) Start to write in the morning.
b) Have a clear mind.
c) start by writing on your piece of paper before typing it on the computer.
d) Re-read your content 3 times a day.
e) Brainstorm with your marketers as your family.
f) Publish your content.

During the first week, you should follow the above tips and after you have got the grip of writing SEO content, I would encourage that you write 3 articles per day for better results. Once you have published your article in your blog you should go an extra mile by promoting your content so that it can drive hordes of traffic to your blog.

SEO writing content is still a powerful marketing strategy that you should not miss in your marketing tools. If you want to write SEO content for websites, you should consider selecting high volume of keywords traffic with less competition.

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26 Responses to “Learn How To Write SEO Content That Works!”

  1. I used to follow this kind of process/thinking earlier. It does work. But these days I have shifted my paradigm a bit. My new approach is simply to cover the topic extensively. When you actually cover the topic extensively, it naturally tons of long tail keywords and related keywords. This new method works very well for me. Google sends traffic for longtails that I could not have imagined existed!

  2. I writer for the reader. I outsource my SEO post by post after the fact.

  3. Employing this method, or one very similar, reminds of writing in Composition Class in high school. And from what I’ve seen, it works. I have also found that if I just write out what I want to say, I usually can hit all bases. It depends upon the topic and how confident I am on that topic.

  4. Trish Jones says:

    Thanks for the tips you have provided here in the blog…I know there are a lot of people who achieve to have their SEO content work.

    • Bill says:

      Thanks Trish for your appreciation its true that most people try to achieve results by writing seo content that works.

  5. Alison says:

    I’m trying to improve my writing to deliver against SEO 🙂 But especially in the light of the latest changes in Google (see Panda), I think it’s important to find a good balance between writing for SEO and for readers…Alison

    • Bill says:

      Its very important to write seo content that focusses on readers and when you do that links will follow you.

  6. Tom Mannis says:

    Great advice, especially the point “Re-read your content 3 times a day.” SEO aside, I sometimes find spelling or grammar errors in a second or third re-read! But also, check your stats and see what the keyword activity has been for those articles to determine if you need to tweak the keywords. Keep up the great writing!

  7. John says:

    Since all the Google updates it’s imperative to have very well optimized SEO articles. They upgrade their algorithms more and more and are able to detect useful content.

    As you well pointed out, writing in the morning is the best. I have a clear mind, and I guess everyone is like that in the morning. Also writing on a paper seems to work better for me. I get better inspiration by having a pencil in my hand than a keyboard.

  8. Eva Marie says:

    I agree with you Tom,need to read and understand the article and the most important is to speak in your mind so in that way you are not copy other work.and always check the spelling and the grammar.thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  9. Mr. Achola, I have no words to thank you for such a great article. It shall help many of the SEO companies to work successfully and create a good relationship with the clients and emerge into prospering SEO companies. Various other steps such as link building, blog comments and writing resource boxes can help the SEO companies serve their clients effectively.

  10. James says:

    Thanks Bill, I really enjoyed reading this and I am sure I will implement some of those tips in my future writings.

  11. Evan Griffin says:

    I also used to follow this kind of process but i am still used to my process today…Anyway, thanks for the post!!!

  12. Charles says:

    write on paper. why?? you can use notepad or any other online word processor like Google Docs etc.

  13. Julius says:

    Thank you for the tips. I totally agree with read and re-reading your article before publishing it to filter all errors. I also found it useful to first write from what’s within my mind and then inject my searched keywords after to optimize it to SEOs. I also normally do not search keywords before my actual writing, this way what I will write will not be influenced by the keywords and thus give more focus to my content and to my intended audience. Thank you again, this will give beginner bloggers like me to improve our articles.

  14. Luke says:

    I found that internal (links to other related posts on our blog) and external links in the post are helpful for seo.

    Also relevancy !

    As for reader vs SEO i don’t see how that both worlds cant collaborate. Both readers and Google wants rich, relevant content.

  15. Matt says:

    Great tips for responsible webmasters! You should publish an article on how to convince clients that unless they are experienced writers, or marketing people they should leave the writing to the professionals. Or at the very least know someone of such qualifications!

    • Mark says:

      Thank you for such useful tips. This is just what I have been looking for. I have been searching for information on the subject of writing SEO content, and your article is one of the best I have found.

      After reading it I now have a clear understanding of what I need to do, and I plan to implement what I have learned.