Content is more important than SEO, Social Media, and Design, Really?

That’s right, and I’ll prove it to you. SEO and social media have the power to bring potential readers to your blog while design makes the blog user friendly for them once they get there, but it’s the content itself that gets them hooked. Let’s compare blogging to dating in order to clarify the point.

Blogging is like Dating, Really?

Let’s say that your best friend (social media) or your mom (SEO) convinced you to go out on a date with someone of the opposite gender (if you are already married than just play along). Then you meet them and they are surprisingly attractive (graphic design) and well put together (web design). But to your dismay, all that they have to say is a bunch of disgruntled ideas and rants, in addition to having other likewise annoying habits. You probably wouldn’t stick around for the long term for that one, to say the least.

On the other hand, if the date that your friend or mom convinced you to go out with turns out to be attractive and totally in sync with you, then you will soon be posting about them on your personal Facebook page (going viral).

But my writing naturally sucks

Don’t sweat it if you don’t have awesome writing skills right now. Writing for a blog is not the same as writing an essay for your high school English teacher. So, clear your mind, take a deep breath, and let’s explore what makes blogging content awesome.

Elements of Awesome Content

1. Focus on the reader– This rule is definitely the most important aspect of great content production. The subject of a great blog is the audience. Consider what your target readers are lacking in their lives, and what content can you provide for them to make their lives better.

2. Write in your readers language– Unless your target audience understands the jargon that you like to use, don’t use it without explaining what it means. Remember, the second that you lose your readers interest “click” goes their mouse button, and you’ve lost them forever. So keep them engaged by using the vernacular that they can relate to.

3. Title Magic- a great title is one that clearly shows the reader what your post is about, and leaves them wanting more. For instance the article title “10 Preventable Social Marketing Mistakes,” tells me that I might be making social marketing mistakes, and that the mistakes are preventable, that makes me want to find out more.

4. Presentation– Unless your content is drunkeningly awesome, your readers will probably want to scan for what looks most interesting to them. Make posts scan-able by using subtitles and bullets when applicable.

Oh yeah, and when I said earlier that you wouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone who was good looking if they didn’t provide great content, I know that you had to think twice about that one. Cheers.

Author BIO: Susie Brown is a FastUpFront Blog contributor and business consultant. Fastupfront specializes in loan alternative programs for businesses based on future sales.