Attracting traffic is first taken in consideration by any blog owner to increase his/her revenue. One of many benefits, you get from heavy traffic, is promotion of your blog, as more and more people get to know about your blog your pages will be more browsed and in the process increasing the monetary value of your blog.

If the traffic is targeted you may get fruitful results. But buying traffic for the blog has many disadvantages; the traffic will not be targeted and you may not the real output out of it. Some paid traffic can be useful but rarely do they do anything apart from increasing your stats.

Paid traffic may deprive you from your targets

Blogs are made by taking some niche into consideration, when you buy traffic in masses from any unknown site; it results in increase of counter beyond the geo boundaries. Like your blog may be targeting users from a particular country but you may get traffic from countries other than that place. The whole purpose of your blog will be wasted.

No list of subscribers

If the blog is focused on providing information or news then you may want that people to read your work. Paid traffic can deprive you from this, unreliable traffic from these sources do not convert into subscribers. They are only paid to surf your website and that to a particular page, may be the home page.

At the end of the day your visitors will rarely convert to readers. Some companies even promise to provide guaranteed sign ups. In that case out of 100, 30 will be from same city or even same postal code. These activities have scam printed all over them. And search engines do not like scams at all; you will never want that your blog is being omitted from search pages.

Negative impact on Adsense

When you have an Adsense enabled on your blog and you go in for paid traffic sources, there are definite chances that your Adsense account will be banned. This is considered a serious offence by the Adsense advisors, particularly Google. Apart from Adsense many other advertising networks discourage paid traffic sources.

Decrement in sales

If you have a product or any service for sale on your blog then be sure you will not be getting any bucks. Paid traffic just increases your traffic counter and not the sale. The traffic seller websites generally employ one or many techniques to deliver traffic your way, one of which is pay per click. The pay their user some value for clicking onto the links, these links redirects them to your site. These users are keener to get more bucks than your products. Instead of wasting time on these you can consider Ads or Social media campaigns to viral your product.

About the author: Claudia is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on luxury and technology. She recently read an article on BMW cars that attracted her attention. These days she is busy in writing an article on most expensive cars