tweetdeckCreating unique a quality blog content is one of the very common problems people face. How about I will show how to use TweetDeck application and make Twitter your instant explosive blogging content inspiration.

Ask yourself a question – which content is most likely to generate interest:

  • Something you want to write about or…
  • Something your target audience WANTS to know?

If second option was your choice then dive into the reading and see how we can do instant research and get instant gratification!

I don’t try to tell you NOT to write about something you like, know and want to share but rather HOWTO write the exact content that will answer the needs of your future visitors and enjoy the possible benefits of your post going viral.

While there are many ways to get your research done, for the purpose of this exercise we will use Twitter, perhaps the most popular social network right now and one that attracts HUGE number of people from all walks of life and what is most important for us – people who socialize and share their thoughts and NEEDS!

Yes, we are not going to dance around but grab the “needy” twitterholics!

People who have a problem will be a lot more likely to respond well and promote a post that gives them an answer and / or solution to that problem – your chance to make it viral!

I’m rather recent convert to Twitter and already I manage to find more and more use for it in my daily blogging and business tasks. One of them is using Live Twitter Chat streams as source for Blogging Content Inspiration and Traffic Source!

TweetDeck As A Research Tool

TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It aims to evolve the existing functionality of Twitter by taking an abundance of information i.e twitter feeds, and breaking it down into more manageable bite sized pieces.

Twitter has hundreds of conversations going at any given second, no matter what topic you write on and ability to search and then filter out ONLY the conversation with your specific keywords can be a superb research tool.

You get instant access to the questions and current problems that NEED solutions and an opportunity to be The Solution Provider!


See in image above I provided you with a TweetDeck interface that allows me to use a Search option (top pointed by arrow) and then monitor in real time all conversations that contain My Chosen Keywords.  At any given point I can see several requests for help, question on a subject – Idea Tank that simply begs – Write About Me, Now!

Also monitoring in real time (when I have the opportunity) allows me to pick up the trends in my chosen niche and come up with ideas for posts that are guaranteed to resonate with people.

As an alternative to TweetDeck you can use Twitter Search to do a historical research on your specific keyword and see the previous conversations.

How does it help you to get traffic you ask?

TweetDeck as Promotion Tool

While you can once again use the Twitter Search tool I mentioned above and provide answers to people from historical information – it will work a heck of a lot better in TweetDeck.

As you monitor the live steam of conversation – you have the ability to provide direct answers to people AS THEY ASK them.


People respond to timely solutions to their problem. It works. But it does require some time on your hands to have the proper interaction.

Another side benefit of the strategy – you have ability to point out your older posts on the topic to people that they might not have found otherwise.

Giving is Receiving in this case!

Give more and you will be rewarded.