Action is one thing that separates idea that could have been from an idea that is and MASSIVE action is what separates success from a failure. We can all lie to ourselves and try to find an excuses on “why we failed” to achieve the goal we set forth but lets get real!

I love to take action but I’m also somewhat of perfectionist and too often I spend too much effort on perfecting something before I introduce it to the world. While perfection is great – it is not always possible to achieve and sometimes we just have to determine when we simply move forward and take action…

Last weekend during the Niche Affiliate Marketing Workshop Willie Crawford made very important point during his presentation (not exact quote, just the idea):

Speed of product delivery to the market is what makes the difference.

Now that doesn’t mean you should ignore the quality, quite the opposite! But it does mean that when we come up with an idea to server a profitable market segment – so did hundreds of other people and only the first few who will deliver that solution will benefit.

Will it be you? Or will you be perfecting the product developed based on idea until nobody wants it?

What’s the point of this post?

Just pushing myself forward and bringing an important point across. Idea implemented into solution doesn’t have to be an info product – it can be a blog post, an article, video… whatever! Just get it out there!

As I write this article I’m seating on started eBook that I plan to make available for free and this post is a check point for myself – get the eBook completed and get it to the people!

What do you think?

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