You may have promoted your articles through organic and inorganic means. However, you should have optimized your site for search engines, you may even have tried using forums, blog participating, guest posting, Google+, Facebook and twitter and you notice that there are no changes. Then don’t worry because there is another way in which you can use to promote your blogs. It has been proven that through all the ways in which one can promote his articles, using press release is the best way to do so. This method will increase your exposure of your blogs. However, the most disappointing thing is that it is the list used method by bloggers. However, if you are concerned about the cost, don’t be afraid because you can always get discounts from PR Web and G. Neil.

When do you decide to use press release?

As you probably know, press release many be used in many ways. However, the question is when do you go for press release? Well, you can go for press release when you are

• Are going to introduce a new product or services in the market • Are going to launch a series of articles on a specified topic • Are going to conduct a prestigious event like blog contest • Win an award in a prestigious contest • It will broadcast your articles to get more recognition

All the above points should help you to publicize your articles and attract new traffic to your site. What happens is that you can address the readers. To make this service more advantageous, your articles are picked by Google. This will give you immense fortunes as it will give you tremendous exposure on your blog.

How to submit?

When you submit your blogs to more than one site as part of press release, it is advisable that you submit different versions of contents to each site. The reason for doing this is that it will help you to protect your search engine’s rank. However, if the same content is submitted to different sites, it will be considered as a duplicate. However, Google has exceptions when it comes to such matters. It is important that you should submit your articles/blogs to prominent sites before sending them to other small articles.

The benefits of using press release

• When your readers try to read your article, they will be taken directly to your website where the original article is. This will increase traffic to your site. • You will get new readers to your site. This means that you will convert your readers from being new to regulars. When you do this, you site will become known to many people. • One is able to enhance the list building activity so that new visitors can sign up to your site. This means that you can convert the traffic generated through the press release. • One can consider using the idea of giving free but valued stuff to your new visitors. This is a way to encourage them to signup for your newsletters.

You are encouraged to try and use this option so that your website can gain more readers.

About the Author:

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