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How Headlines Kill Your Blog

Importance of the headlines to your blog in our age of social networks have been outlined quite often and by people a lot more qualified to speak on the matter then me. And in this post I have no intention to repeat what was nicely described by others but rather provide you with a Visual Results of the experiment I had run several days ago.

If you still remain the unbeliever after that – you might as well give up the notion of using social marketing as part of your traffic generation strategy. After all – at the end of the day getting people to see your content (targeted traffic) is one of the main goals. Keeping that flow of new visitors constant is a bit harder but can be also achieved but that is left for others to discuss…

Before I even begin talking about results I want to thanks everyone who became a part of the experiment, perhaps even without meaning to but still… And please don’t take it personal, as the goal was not to insult the people but to judge the reaction and measure result, which can be presented in a format you are reading right now!

On March 20th I have published a post: “Howto Get $27,497 In One Hour Blogging“, main goal of which was to measure headline effectiveness for a BlogRush network and perhaps even more importantly subsequent results from the TrafficJam network launched by John Reese. There have been so much talk about ineffectiveness of these networks that I wanted to judge and measure for myself who is at fault here – we (bloggers who write poor headlines) or the network.

Images below will tell you the story…


As you can see above the test has PROVEN without a doubt that a headline written to address the curiosity and making outrageous claim wins the battle hands down. You can also see that my second best performing headline also talks about earning income via blog.

But what perhaps is even more important – that test shows that my poor results from BlogRush are direct result of my poor copywriting skills (no big surprise there for me). Go figure … Cool

But the image above only shows part of the story. Once you headline becomes popular enough, your blog post is also listed on TrafficJam network. A new service launched by John not too long ago to help us, bloggers get even more traffic. My test post was second time I made it on the TrafficJam and while I can’t provide you with previous results, I’m more then happy to share current:


As you can see the test post have generated 90 unique visitors from Traffic Jam network while it remained on the first page. Not too shabby considering that those were unique visitors.


Whether we like it or not, admit it or deny with passion…

Hypey Headlines Make Us Click!

And how our headlines are written greatly determines how much traffic we will get. So before you go blaming anyone for poor traffic – examine and test the effectiveness of your writing. Here is one free tool for you that might help design the headlines that target your audience interests…

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12 Responses to “How Headlines Kill Your Blog”

  1. Don says:

    Alex I often run similar experiments and there is indeed some power in a well thought out headline. A recent post of mine included a popular bloggers name and it was amazing what kind of traffic that provided. Stumbled, and DuggHome Based Business’s last blog post..Uh oh, What Is Don Doing Now?

  2. This is so very true. Quite often my titles have been a little … what’s the word … dull, and as a result the traffic is less than stellar. However, on another site, I have rather bold article titles, and there is almost always a hefty traffic spike after a post is released.

    This does raise a question, though: if everyone were to post a hypey title, wouldn’t this just make it harder to seperate the hype from the tripe?

    ジェイソン (Jason)’s last blog post..Addiction Identified: My Problem Is ?

    • TheSpot-er says:

      Yes, perhaps it would but nobody is going to be posting the hypey titles all the time. I guess the point was – want to get some attention on specific post, better make sure your headline up to par …

  3. Shamim says:

    this is the same result that people are noticing on all social networking sites as well. write a great headline or get out.

    Shamim’s last blog post..Build A Niche Store Review

  4. Alex Newell says:

    Hypey headlines may pique curiosity and attract a certain kind of visitor but will they convert to anything real? There have been huge waves of traffic from Digg in particular due to link bait but these people do not buy or subscribe

    So I do “funny” or attention grabbing headlines sometimes but we surely should focus on headlines that make some sense in SEO terms

    And in terms that will make sense to regular readers

    Hmm you’ve got me really thinking about the “direction” of my blogging!


    Alex Newells last blog post..Rule 85

  5. To all:
    Whatever Alex says, I listen to. He’s the most knowledgeable individual I’ve run across. If Alex says, … ,take it to the bank.
    Thanks Alex!

    • TheSpotter says:

      Thanks mate!

      Appreciate the vote of confidence but I consider myself a perpetual student 🙂 I always continue to learn from anyone who has something to share and I simply try to share it back! Glad you find my posts helpful!

  6. Kenney says:

    Alex another fine article…Thank you for all you do…I seem to be fairly ineffective as a Headline writer…I write what I think is good but don’t really see the clicks I do when I use prewritten headlines…I will definitely go with flashier subject lines in my emails…Thanks again…Kenney

  7. Kenney says:

    I just went to check out BlogRush & the site is shut down 🙁

  8. Sally says:

    Hey Alex,

    Ha ha ha @ hypey headlines make us click, I loved that line.

    I am in complete agreement, curious headlines always seem to draw in the crowds.

    Great post, I shall keep this in mind for future posts of mine.

    I like the fact that you backed up what you said with some real time stats and screenshots too.

    Sally 🙂


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