If you’re someone who must work from home, like a blogger, and must work no matter what the weather conditions, then you’ll have to make sure you do your best to maintain your productivity. Say, for example, you’re a freelance writer who absolutely must deliver a project immediately after the storm comes through in order to be paid. Or maybe you’re a blogger who has to maintain a steady stream of content for your readers. The people who rely on you will have a hard time accepting the excuse that you haven’t completed the work due to a storm, especially if you had several months to do it. This means that you’ll need to prepare for the storm both mentally and physically.

I’ve tried to list below a few tips to help you stay productive during intense storms that threaten to interrupt your blogging or freelance writing.

Weatherproof Your House

Your first task is to make sure your house is ready to sustain the weather coming towards it. Check all of your windows for drafts. Pull curtains over them to further insulate them. Get an area rug to put down on your floors if your floors are tiled or wooden. If you expect snow, sprinkle sidewalk salt on your driveway and walkways, just in case you need to get out of the house in an emergency. If you take care of everything beforehand regarding your safety, then you’ll have to

Get Some Emergency Supplies

Next, you should stock up on emergency supplies. Candles, batteries, flashlights, plenty of blankets, battery radio, and non-perishable food are important to have, especially if you think you’ll lose power. If you are comfortable with having one in the house, buy a kerosene heater that you can light if your furnace stops working. Of course, be careful when using flammable liquids in your house to keep warm. Your entire goal is make yourself as comfortable as possible so that you can keep up your productivity even as the storm rages outside.

Go Analogue!

Finally, you’ll have to prepare your working materials to go analogue. Expect that you won’t be able to use your computer and other electronic devices in order to keep up your work. Hopefully this won’ t happen, but you never know! Before the storm hits, do everything you can to get the computing and other electronic work out of the way, and then think of ways you can continue your work on notepad paper. Can you brainstorm some next steps? Can you write thank you notes or postcards to potential clients? Could you handwrite some drafts for your next round of articles? Ask yourself these kinds of questions and then use them to plan out what you can do in the event of a few days of bad weather, no power, and being stuck in your house. You’d be amazed at how much work you can get done during the worst of a winter storm, if only you are prepared and set your mind to it.

Get to Work

Finally, get to work! You can do nothing else but try to work through the storm and hope you don’t lose electricity. If all goes well, then you won’t have any trouble and the peace of mind you have will keep you focused throughout the storm.

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