The challenge to get your business growing on the internet is getting more and more difficult these days. With the coming of numerous online business players every day, you probably won’t have time for a major website overhaul.

That’s why it’s very important to make sure that your site is in perfect shape and gets a decent amount of traffic.
A really effective way to get the attention of search engine spiders (for higher page ranks) and to make your visitors come back is by consistently adding new and interesting content. How is this done? Simple. Follow the basic content creation techniques below.

Sustain your blog.

Most people regard blog as an online journal that usually incorporates links and comments from site visitors. Utilizing your blog as a medium to deliver interesting information relevant to your niche will make your readers come back for more. Keep in mind not to make your blog look like a sales pitch because it is not. Readers normally prefer tips, suggestions, recommendations, reviews, etc.
One disappointing truth about blogs is that over 90% of them are abandoned right after they were published online. Leaving your blog will never yield positive results. Not only will it lead to low revenue, but it can also hurt your credibility. When this happens, it will be a lot tougher to put your business back on track.

Form a pool of writers that can help you post new content to your blog on a regular basis. Whether it’s daily or weekly, make sure that readers always have something new to look forward to. If you have problems generating fresh content for your site, better look for an alternative way. Create a “themed” blog instead and make sure your readers are well informed of the different changes you might make within a certain period of time. This way, your readers would know what to expect once they visit your site.

Make use of RSS feeds.

Really Simple Syndications (RSS) feeds are a perfect communication medium that when properly utilized, effectively bring in high traffic to your site. Using this technique is a lot more convenient because it allows you to add information and feed it directly onto your site. Your regular site visitors can subscribe to your RSS feed for free and be notified should you update your site’s content. So, if you will hold an upcoming sale for your products or services, your subscribers will be the first ones to know.

Openly accept user contributions.

A lot of people would be willing to provide their content in exchange for website publication. You might be surprised to know how well they write relevant content that can attract more visitors from their network. Article directories are also a good source for getting user contributions. Just ensure that all user-generated content must be relevant to your site and of high-quality.

There are certainly easy and simple ways to keep your website content updated. It does not need to be expensive and time consuming. With the help of tools such as blogs, RSS and user-written content, your site will always appear fresh and interesting.

Author Bio: Chester O’Reilly is a veteran internet marketer and SEO analyst. He works for a website all about creating high quality content that attracts traffic from different sources such as search engines, social media and viral videos.