Perhaps you have noticed that my posting schedule been rather hectic lately. In fact sometimes I don’t even post for several days just like the stretch between this post and weekend. All of it is a direct result of Over Extending my work load. Can you relate?

Starting with Internet based Business I imagined it as nothing more then couple extra hundred bucks a month to help with my family budget. In fact – first couple months that was my goal – $200 a month from internet! Boy, do things change!

With success come new spendings and also re-investing back into existing business to keep it running. But I’m one of those control freaks who knows how to get almost anythign done on my own and hate to relinquish the roles šŸ™‚

Sad – I know!

But I’m not finally at the point when loosing control is something I’m not only willing to do but doing more and more. In fact I wouldn’t be able to do all the things that come on daily bases without help of my partner and a few outsourced tasks.

One man simply doesn’t have enough hours in a day and now working on new product that my partner Dmitriy and I are getting ready to release – it would be impossible.

Long story short…

  • Do you find yourself repeating mistakes I mentioned above?
  • Do you try to do everything yourself?
  • Do you spend more time working on your “part time” internet business that spending with your family (the whole reason I started doing it in the first place)?

Than perhaps you might want to take a look at this great book, I got myself on Amazon and can highly recommend! Just do yourself a favor, it will be worth it!