blogging mojoI have a confession to make… I’ve lost my blogging Mojo. If you see it someplace near you, please be gentle with it and return it to me via Express Post (or read on to find how you can win a PD book from Amazon). To help you find it, here is a short description: it’s fiery red in color, somewhat studious, always in search of inspiration.  At best, the Mojo is primed for action, ready to finger-bash the keyboard at over 100 words a minute; at its worst it is a frustrated entity with a lack of desire to fire up the blog editor…

Does my blogging Mojo sound familiar to you?

How about your Mojo?

What drives you to churn out blog post after blog post without traffic, sales and people commenting? With the rise of meta blogs (those are make money blogs for the uninitiated) came the idea that having a blog must be cool. Thousands upon thousands of people come online with the idea of wanting to make it big with their blog, then somewhere along the way they lose their Mojo.

I see it happen all the time. Heck, I stopped counting the number of clients who’ve ordered a WordPress blog package from me and then one month later they have packed up shop for good – because they stopped caring for their blog. They among thousands of others have also lost their Mojo. Perhaps they NEVER even had it – it was just a flutter of inspiration that had them belief that blogging was the cool thing to do.

Blogging is serious business for some, fun for others

Before you even join the growing number of failed bloggers do yourself a favor and ask yourself “why.” Why do you feel the urge to start a blog? Are you doing this for fun, or business?

The answers will guide you to a better start. Once you can clearly define your blogging purpose it will be easier to come up with a schedule. Trust me on this.

Mojo madness

When your Mojo is in prime blogging mode you will churn out post after post, almost on autopilot. You’ll feel like a freaking robot on steroids, and no amount of distraction can get the better of you. This is blogging done at its best. In order to protect that state of mind you need to nourish it, feed it with good input. Do not make the mistake of tempting your Mojo with “cyber fast food” because that would be committing blogging suicide.

Magnetic blogging

Magnetic blogging is done with the help of your primed-for-action Mojo. If you want to keep your blog fun, interesting to read, informative, and entertaining you need to be able to stand out from the masses of other blogs on the Internet. Get creative, fire up your Mojo and get blogging.

Rock on!


PS: The first person to find my Mojo will win a personal development book of his/her choice from Amazon. Please use the comment section to show me your sightings (best creative answer will win). 😉