Content creation is no simple job. The process requires hard work, focus and talent. And now that there is an increased emphasis on quality over quantity, it’s no longer necessary to have the most content on a subject to drive traffic; you simply need to have the best articles.

Listing information on the screen is not going to cut it. For busy site owners and bloggers, their methods must be well scheduled and well executed. From research and brainstorming, to writing and editing, there are plenty of skills that must work together for success.

Thankfully, technology is providing plenty of useful tools that can assist creators and writers through the process. Review the following reputable sources to start boosting your practices and habits today.


1 Evernote – This research and organization tool allows users to capture and save any type of file (video, pdf, jpeg, online articles, audio and more). The app integrates on all of your devices as well, providing access from anywhere.

2 Diigo – This user-friendly organization tool allows users to tag, highlight or screenshot online resources and save them to access anytime, anywhere. Content creators can annotate web pages directly online, significantly increasing their time management and research skills.


3. Deepest Sender – Deepest Sender is a blogging client for Firefox the lets users update a page by simply using Ctrl+\, or by clicking the button in the tool bar. This streamlines the editing process by skipping the separate client program or live page to make updates, thus enhancing overall productivity.

4. Blogjet – With Blogjet, Windows users can obtain some of the most advanced editing assistance and blog management. Users can skip learning HTML and even be able to write posts offline.


5. Help.Plagtracker – No site should include copied work or incorrect references. And there is so much information accessible, it’s impossible to check on your own. Use Plagtracker’s unique checking algorithm to be 100% sure your material is unique.

6. – Essaymama is a service composed of certified professionals who can help content creators from research all the way through to conclusion. And their blog is a great source to find daily inspiration and tips.


7. SEO Book – This guide to search engine optimization is a lifesaver for any busy website. Tech-Crunch and Forbes agree, SEO Book is an incredibly useful partner in obtaining increased visibility for any type of site. The resource gives content creators access to training videos and strategy outlines to help create a buzz.

8. SEO Blog – The SEO blog offers detailed and informative infographics, articles and more for any busy site blogger. Users can discover how search engines work, and better realize how to increase their own traffic results.


9. Ping-o-Matic – This free service can be used to update different search engines that your blog has published. The “pinging” tool also checks all services to make sure that they’re still legit, so to only include the most important ones. The source offers a blog full of helpful writing and content ideas as well.

10. Feedburner – This WordPress plug-in redirects the main feed and the comments feed to This is done without modifying templates or setting up new hidden feeds, making the process seamless and convenient.

Any successful blogger or website owner will tell you that it gets easier with experience. Once you have solid systems in place, your productivity will exponentially increase. And your work will gain momentum with viewers.

Start by reviewing the listed tools above and begin to discover your perfect creation and writing rituals. Why wait? The World Wide Web is not getting any smaller, and there’s no better time than now.

Today’s guest post is by Kenneth Waldman. He is a professional content writer with over 5 years of experience. Get in touch with him on Linkedin.