Google +1 button is the next big thing everyone in SEO community was waiting for and since now available – here is how to add it to your WordPress blog, while we are waiting for a properly coded plugin to be released.

google plus one button

Just follow this simple tutorial to have your very own Google +1 button and if you like it, do be sure to use the social media sharing options, +1 is available (hint)

While it remains to be seen if +1 will gain momentum or not – Big G DOES plan to use it as one of the indicators of your blog or site authority, so it would be a waste not to implement it. Since this is so new – no WordPress plugins available at this point so in this tutorial I will show you how to easily add it via theme modification, if you don’t feel like waiting and want to get ahead of your competition.

Step 1 – Access Google +1 Button Creation Interface

Simply navigate to Google +1 button creation page and choose what fits your needs, in this tutorial we will be using “Tall” button, just as you see on this page:


As you can see there are two pieces of code you need to implement into your theme, which is what we will do in next steps.

Step 2 – Edit Footer Template

Access Appearance->Editor->footer.php and open it for editing. Add first piece of code right before closing </body> tag, as shown in image below:


Save changes and move to step 3…

Step 3 – Add +1 to Your Posts Or Pages

Quite frankly – I personally concentrate on posts and this is what I will cover. Once again, navigate to Appearance->Editor->Single Post template (single.php)

While this file can quite differ from theme to theme, what we need to find is constant. Find this piece of code:


It could be wrapped in something else but it doesn’t matter, just paste second part of code you got from Google wrapped into division, like this:

<div style="float: right; margin-left: 10px;"><g:plusone size="tall"></g:plusone></div>

See image below on how its done on this blog:


Save the changes.

You are done! If you are using any caching plugins – empty cache and enjoy your brand new Google +1 Button on WordPress. Share your comments and don’t forget to click those social buttons if you like the guide!

Update – Google +1 WordPress Plugin Is Now Available

06/03/11 – I just checked and as expected – there is a nice and fully functional WordPress plugin now available for you to implement this functionality:

Google +1 WordPress Plugin

Just install, activate and configure as you see fit for your blog.