If you are a Firefox and Gmail user you will love the GTDInbox addon for Firefox. For freaks who like the idea of total domination to get organized, this addon can help you to become the next Zen Gmail master.

The application is pretty straight forward. You download it for free and then once you login to your Gmail account you will be presented with an initial instruction.

GTDInbox will help you to use Gmail faster with assorted labels you can sign to your account. For an overview of the label guide look at the next image.


As you can see, there are some helpful ideas on what labels to use for optimum performance. I’m still playing around with this myself as I just discovered it one hour ago.

This whole application makes email a lot more usable and interactive as you can:

  • Use email faster
  • Become more organized
  • Streamline your email usage
  • Turn email into tasks
  • Use email as a personal database of information
  • and more

It certainly looks like a cool application and if you are a Firefox user, then I suggest you check this out. There is also a helpful user guide (which I’m sure to consult myself within the next day or so).

Let me know, whether you already have experience with this app yourself and how it is working for you please.