abbsmall.jpgAuthority Black Book that hit the internet in 2007 and was largely responcible for design blueprint of my blog have been revised, re-written and packed with additions that beat Great Many products released under “web 2.0” flag.

A completely FREE resource that has huge amount of information on blogging, web 2.0 marketing and social marketing. But there is more to it…

I have to say that even after reading the initial Authority Black Book and been heavily involved into blogging for a while I find this one a MUST HAVE resource. While first edition was concentrating on describing on how to build an authority site or blog – 2008 release goes far deeper.

Jack and his crew share the strategies not to only build a web 2.0 blog with listing of essential resources but also how to market it using multitude of methods freely available to us. And I have learned more about Video Marketing in this eBook then I care to admit Laughing. I have always managed to put Video marketing of my blog and my presence aside and something “to address later”… Looks like I have no more excuses.

But Video marketing is only a small part of what you get and simply something I highlight as it applies to my own situation. There is so much more that instead of describing it all – I simply tell you:

Go Get Your Own FREE copy of Authority Black Book 2008