I haven’t posted in a while due to complete overload but I still want to find the time and provide some info I personally found useful. If I’m unable to write a comprehensive piece of information – I will provide you with access to those who could! šŸ˜†

  • Tim Nash talks about “Social Bites – Like Sound Bites But Different” . Great info on how to properly structure your quick communications over the social media. In this fast paced medium you have to be able to deliver your message clear, concise and make it actionable. Great post I recommend you read!
  • Jack Humphrey outlines importance of lists in “10 Reasons Why Lists Are a Blogging Mainstay“. Tip: don’t know what to write about – make a LIST! And if not sure why you should make a list – read this post by Jack!
  • Tips For Ranking Higher On and With YouTube” from WebProNews should help get more out of your videos on YouTube. It is very important promotional tool and this article explains how you can make it work for you.

Enjoy the info and if you want to get the most current – be sure to follow me on Twitter, I provide them as I find them!