Running a blog is a unique opportunity to express yourself or to provide your readers with information they require. However, there are plenty of details and elements that need to be arranged so your blog can become successful.  Originality is one of the main factors and that’s why copying someone’s style or story is a big no-no.

Good blogs must not mislead their readers but educate them and inform them properly. You want your readers to spread the word about you and to tell their friends how awesome is your blog. Many bloggers will tell you to “write about what you love”, and this is certainly the first condition for a great blog. Let’s see what the other ones are.

High-quality content

If you can’t provide great content, don’t expect the increase of your blog traffic. The rule here is: write what you would like to read. Writing only to satisfy someone’s expectations is never a good way to create a blog post. You don’t have to force your creativity but you need to polish your content until you are satisfied with it. Sometimes you will need an hour for this task and sometimes four. Be patient because good writing requires time.

Hosting and domain

The best way to establish a blog is by using your own hosting and your own domain. This is the first sign to your readers that you are offering serious content. Search engines will also keep in mind your blog and you might even get a better rating. As for the name of your blog, do choose something unique and catchy. However, you must tell the truth about your content and this name needs to refer to the topic you’re covering.


Backlinks are very important for the promotion of your blog. With the help of other websites, visitors will be able to reach your website by using backlinks. A good way to create your backlinks is to connect with fellow bloggers from your niche and guest post on their sites. This will get the wheels running and you’ll promote your blog effectively.

SEO optimized theme

Ranking your website on the first page of Google search takes a lot of effort. One of the easier things that could surely help push you in the right direction is to use an SEO optimized theme. The first step is to create an original theme. It is a better solution than using a template because you can include traces of your personality and of your topic into the design. This way, people will always be able to recognize your blog. However, make sure that your theme provides fast loading, which is essential for the proper functioning of the blog.

Social media profiles

Nowadays, we are witnessing the rise of social media. Experts are advising to search for marketing potential in Facebook, Instagram, etc. Google also uses social media in order to see which article is popular and true. If thousands are sharing certain content, Google will consider it valuable. That’s why promoting your blog via social media is a must-do. For starters, you can ask your friends to share the content and then observe (if it’s any good, of course) as it slowly spreads through the internet.


There are many other factors that define a successful blog post, but these are some basics anyone just starting out should know. If you apply them, you will notice how easier it is to create a good blog post that people will want to read. Every beginning is difficult, so don’t give up. Patience and hard work is essential for blog writing. So, write as often as you can and give it your best. Don’t pay attention to hateful critics but always listen to constructive criticism. The path of a writer is never easy, but if you are persistent the fruits of your labor will be sweet.

Author bio: Sam Cyrus is CEO and co-founder of Agseo, an SEO Company and innovative online marketing agency based in Sydney. Sam is also a creative writer and his interests are entrepreneurship, business, online marketing, SEO and social media.