image Boring blogs are so yesterday. You know the ones who just keep rambling about the last time they played with their dogs or picked their nose in public. Ok, maybe that is just my perception.

In fact it is exactly my perception and this goes to show why we like certain blogs more than others. When we hang out in a tight corner on the Internet we normally don’t go there repeatedly for the nice cold beer, or do we?

Unless somebody invents a Plugin that offers chilled beer to the reader, we still visit blogs for their savvy, sexy, engaging, informative, funny, and controversial posts we find there.

In short, what we see actually resonates with us in terms of our likes or dislikes. We are either totally delighted with the blog author, or else so disgusted that we can’t help ourselves but to go back again and again.

Despite having a chummy little community we still need explosive content that invites new revelers to take a closer look. Therefore we need dynamite. Unless you are an expert in pyrotechnics, you won’t have a clue on how to explode your blog into a gazillion shiny stars that sparkle until the end of time.

But if you follow some basic guidelines you should be fine to at least create some sparkle.

Write short paragraphs. It pains me to see blogs that are chock-a-block loaded with text. Text that is missing any breaks or spaces and belief me, I see them a lot. My usual first reaction is – click! Never to return again.

Since most readers are actually skimming posts, we need to make it as easy and attractive as possible for them to keep reading whilst getting all their dessert including the whipped cream.

Use highlighted text or create lists. Bolded text or lists work a treat in making your posts look more user friendly and dynamic. The eyes won’t get tired so easy and the chances are that your readers actually finish the meal before they wander down the street to the next pub.

Get to the point. Oh my, I know that sometimes I ramble. Perhaps all the time, but despite my rambling tendencies I always get to the point. Make sure you actually deliver the “real meat” of your article before you end it.

Grammar police. The grammar police is always watching. We all make spelling mistakes. No matter how often we proof read a post before we hit publish, we always have that sneaky spelling mistake surface when we least expect it.

That’s how they operate. Totally underground and very black hat. Don’t sweat it. Nobody will hang you for the occasional misspell. It’s when they happen all too often that the police will start issuing tickets.

Follow these guidelines and you are half way to dynamic blog content that will explode your blog. The other half is the actual content itself.