How do you silence the Blogger?

By filing a lawsuit against him! Or at least that is the thinking behind the ePerks actions against Vladimir “Vlad” Zablotskyy who is being sued for blogging.

In reality they are probably no too far off as about 90% of the bloggers don’t even make enough to cover their hosting fees and even a thought of lawsuit has quite chilling effect. But while many bloggers don’t have money – we have passion, passion and ability to speak. Free Speech still hasn’t been canceled in this country!

…or did I miss something? I think NOT and even though my blog is unrelated to the topic and I do try to stay away from these topics – I have decided to add my voice to the issue, because I hate bullying by anyone, especially corporations…

I do think it is important that you makeup your own mind as to what side you should listen to!

ePerks VS Vlad Zablotskyy can easily become one of the many and right now it is not the time to stay on the side and “observe” how it will turn out, because YOU COULD BE NEXT!

I have no intentions to tell you what to do or how to react to the story but simply want to raise awareness and ask you to act – one way or another. If you decide that ePerks is correct in this case – so be it, your opinion matters and voicing it IS important. If not for the sake of the blogger Vlad Zablotskyy who is being sued then for the sake of the ePerks, whose reputation is quickly getting destroyed.

How you act is up to you but here is some additional info for you:

Read the articles above. Make your decision and act. Don’t let ePerks VS Vlad Zablotskyy issue go unnoticed! Take a stand, take action!