google seoApple was built and revived by Steve Jobs by blending technology with design. By investing in research that is way more ahead than its time, IBM has also managed to remain a top player in its industry. Even Facebook does this by maintaining a stable infrastructure and also moving quickly. Each of these giants is superior innovators in their own ways. But there is one more tech giant that keeps on bringing something new and has a unique strategy of its own. It’s none other than Google.

The thing that makes Google unique is that it doesn’t really rely on a single strategy. It employs more than just one strategy in order to create a complex, yet powerful ecosystem that brings out one innovation after the other every few days. Google earns $75 billion in revenues and is one of the major tech giants, probably the biggest. It has over 50,000 employees and a variety of products. The products and services vary from core search business to the Android operating system etc. Let’s see what Google does to innovate and bring out new ideas.


Google believes in Deep Learning and its rooted in its commitment to research. This commitment to discovery is something that’s been going on for years and has still persisted. There are billions of dollars invested every year in the research and development. Google does this by the way of acquiring early stage startups which are mostly a result of academic research. Google also is in partnership with the scientific community which helps in bringing in new ideas.


Some of the most popular products of Google were started as 20% time projects. When you look at a certain thing, you assume it to be a single event. In reality, it is not a single event, because there are several different regions of your brain which work in order to process all the different aspects of the experience. All these smaller aspects are combined and integrated into a larger concept. This is known as levels of abstractions by the scientists. This way Google tried to implement a deeper machine learning by expanding the hierarchy to almost 30 levels.

Internal Incubator

Google was able to implement and enhance machine learning it blended the data it had with its fast computing. These two aspects were really helpful in advance machine learning. Google used this as an incubation period which resulted in an actual product. The product was called DistBelief. It is also said to be the first generation machine learning system.


Google makes the process work by tightly binding in all the steps of the process like research, development, development etc with feedback. The teams working in all the departments are not only developing products but also creating useful research ideas which can be utilized for the future study. You will notice that there is no specific innovation strategy involved here. Different departments and managers focus on research and what they can achieve with it while the engineers spend 20% of their time on a product and anybody who wants to jump in can do that.

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