Whew! What a question, huh?! But really – Do You Read Your Own Blog?

Do You Know what your regular readers view each time they get new content from you?

I think it is overlooked by many bloggers and can’t quite understand why – Your Blog RSS Feed is one of the ways you deliver your content, I’m sure you are proudly displaying that badge with number of RSS readers but have you taken the time to regularly check how your content presented in multiple RSS readers?

I’m not talking about each and every reader, but you have to check at least some of the most popular to ensure that message you are delivering on your blog conveyed properly to people who have chosen the convenience of RSS Subscription

While there are MANY ways people access your content provided by RSS – I like to check some of the most popular and here are some of the stats provided by FeedBurner for my blog:


As you can see above I have rather large number of subscribes via aweber RSS so I make it my priority to subscribe to my own feed via email and check it each time I publish post but I also highlighted a few other RSS News aggregators responsible for delivering my content to readers.

While you don’t have to subscribe to each using each and every service – I highly recommend you at least check out how your content presented in the most used by your readers.

You work hard on creating content – be sure your presentation is consistent!  Read Your Own Blog!

…and let me know what you think!