Commenting on blogs that provide benefits of DoFollow is one of the best ways to build incoming links. It give you deep content linking, especially when done on blogs with CommentLuv enabled and it passes Page Rank to help you build authority of your own blog.

It is one strategy I personally use and highly recommended in several posts. Problem I have is when people who comment fail to read comment guidelines and leave SPAM and what is even worse…

When Marketers I Personally Respect Outsource The Spamming Process!

Be it intentionally or not is secondary to the conversation as I still have to deal with that spam and here is latest example…

This morning while going through the Comments waiting to be approved I have noticed that couple comments actually lead to a blog of an Internet Marketer I personally have great respect for. I did hide the easily identifiable information that leads to his blog in image below out of respect and with hopes that he will address the issue. My goal he is NOT to create a controversy post and score few extra visits but bring problem to the surface!

Problem is – those comments are SPAM and completely ignoring my Commenting Guidelines that are present in comments form!


What is even worse – entire comment is nothing more than simply copy/paste from the blog post it is made on! I simply couldn’t believe that this blatant spam was coming from that person himself or even the part of his normal team!

There has to be a catch!

So I went in and investigated the source of the comment: I have to mention here that I have marked as spam quite a few similar comments coming from that IP range so I knew by glancing on it that it must be coming from some outsourcing outfit in India. Surely enough – WHOIS doesn’t lie…


I have no problem outsourcing tasks, including doing a promotion as long as commenting done properly, according to guidelines and also person commenting uses his own name or alias while linking to my blog! In fact we use commenting as described in my guides to promote some of our Niche Blogs.

Looks like spammer commenting on my blog had little to none education on how to properly comment and by simple association – be is intentional, through the job requirement or otherwise – it puts a dark shadow over good name of the marketer in my opinion! If he is not fired yet – he should be!

I simply can’t believe that marketer in question here outsourced the process to someone who arrogantly lazy to even make a proper comment in order to get links to his blog and completely ignoring comment guidelines, clearly provided!

I don’t know how much he pays this spammer but my question is:

Does One Link Really Worth It?

What do you, my reader think about it?