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Do You Comment Enough To Be Authority?

Google has changed the game (again) and I have spoke about it before but how does it impact you? What exactly do you do to benefit from those changes?

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Do You Know That By Simply Commenting You Can Greatly Increase Your Authority Status?

I have wrote before in my post CommentLuv Plus DoFollow Equal Unlimited Link Love about using CommentLuv enabled blogs to boost your blog rank and it still stands true – but with one correction!

All the changes are explained by Matt Cutts in his post on Page Rank Sculpting and when it comes down to it designed to do one thing – prevent gaming of the algorithm. And at same time it gives you a way to boost your own page rank by engaging into conversation!

“DoFollow” – “NoFollow” – while it still matters, it appears that Google has decided to allow you benefit from commenting on relevant to your Niche blogs and get some link juice! Assuming you are commenting on blogs with CommentLuv enabled!

Granted – you get less PR juice on blogs with “nofollow” but if you comment on a more relevant blog I think it will be actually more beneficial to you in the long run.

Here Are Your Action Steps:

  1. Locate as many blogs relevant to you Niche as possible with CommentLuv enabled
  2. Make it a point that EACH time you publish a new post to comment on at least 10 blogs to get at least 10 links to each one of your blog posts

Can you handle those 2 steps?

Just rememebr – Google ranks pages, not sites!

More incoming links you get to your internal posts – the higher will be your overall blog Authority Status! No gaming, no “gray” stuff – just do what Google would like you to do and enjoy the results.

And yes, if you must ask – it works! Below is an image of me getting #8 spot in Google for very competitive keyword with nothing more than commenting.

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55 Responses to “Do You Comment Enough To Be Authority?”

  1. Rich Johnson says:

    we have recently added the dofollow plugin on oujr wordpressblog. It has resulted in more comments without a corresponding number of spam comments.

    • TheSpotter says:

      Thanks for sharing Rich!

      I have found same but I use LuciaLinkyLove to provide “dofollow” – works quite nicely to fight blatant spam

      • I wanted to chime in here and suggest that what many bloggers once considered blatant spam might actually benefit us. I explain how in my KeywordLuv post featured in CommentLuv in this comment reply.

        I am NOT talking about the type of spam Akismet catches for us. I AM talking about comments from people who understand the importance of anchor text. If you don’t even know what anchor text is or why it is important that post explains it in simple terms.
        .-= Gail from GrowMap´s last blog ..KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All =-.

        • TheSpotter says:


          Yes, you make some good points and that is why I advise people to check it out 🙂 I think each one should make a decision for himself.

  2. Wow! Alex that’s an incredible result just from commenting. I had no idea it could influence Google listings so much. Well here goes more and more of the same. Thanks for the knowledge.
    .-= Philip Denman´s last blog ..Are You Ready To Change Your Marketing Approach? =-.

    • TheSpotter says:


      I comment using same strategies I share for EWP customers, nothing outside of what I teach. It is also partially covered in my old post I mention above.

      It just works – remember, for any keyword you don’t have to beat every site in existence – you just need to get more incoming links with keyword as anchor then site that ranks #1 in Google.

      You only need to beat ONE page!

      When you look at it from this perspective – you job is simple!

  3. I do believe that blog commenting is a valuable use of time. But what I don’t get is the value of the anchor text. Yes I want to provide value to the blog I’m commenting on but why would I want just my name to link back to my page.

    As Alex states on his comment guidelines no keywords in the name. But if you continue to back link to a certain page using only your name it may not rank for anything but your name. I recently went into my google webmaster tools to see the reports about what google thinks my new blog is about. Yes it’s all about my name and not the targeted keywords according to the Big G.

    What do you think about anchor text when commenting on blogs?

    • RodneyB says:

      Most blogs do not like you loading the name with keywords. That tends to attract more spammers if allowed.

      Alex specified commenting on blogs with CommentLuv. Hopefully, your keyword(s) are in the title of your blog post. If so, then you are good. Search keyword and commentluv to find blogs to post to 😉

    • TheSpotter says:


      As Rodney pointed out – I use CommntLuv and you do get your link love from commenting, actually a lot more targeted and natural linking then loading your name with keywords.

      I prefer to have fewer comments but less spammers.

  4. It definitely works. I’ve been following this approach for the last three months (one post and then 10-15 comments on relevant blogs) and so far it has brought me +8K links in Yahoo and a PR4. Mind you the blog is not even three months old.

    So there is no doubt that it works great.

    .-= Mikael @ Retire Rich´s last blog ..The Steps Needed for an Adsense Website =-.

  5. jlbraaten says:

    I honestly hear you loud and clear. As a matter of fact, I found your awesome blog by searching for CommentLuv blogs. Great minds think alike, right!?

    PS Set up an iGoogle tab entirely dedicated to CommentLuv blogs.

  6. Vince says:

    Will it do the same by leaving a link for your site in the comment? Well, I just wonder if google will also consider some PR in doing it.

    Let us be realistic a little bit. In the real world, not all bloggers use “Comment Luv” Plugin because of the fact that many writers are non techie. Good for us who really loves technical stuffs and have discovered “Comment Luv”. But what about let’s say “religious” niches? That in my observation is not so concerned about what they do? As long as they can blog, it’s already ok, and they don’t have comment luv? Have any idea?

    What do you think?

    Just a thought.

    • Vince, I think you should view this as just one (of many) ways that you can get links to your site. I’m pretty sure that Alex isn’t saying that you should ONLY do this.

      You’re right that there will be some niches where it might not be as easy to find blogs using commentluv but then you can just use some of the many other methods of getting links.

      The commentluv is just a small part of the bigger picture.

  7. Thanks for bringing that issue to people’s notice, Alex! Blog commenting (just on do-follow blogs) should be a part of every marketer’s, affiliate’s and blogger’s traffic generation system – both for the link luv from the engines and for direct traffic from blog readers. CommentLuv is the icing on the cake that shows some blog owners, like yourself, really care about those who take the time to add their comments.
    .-= Doug Champigny´s last blog ..Product Source Goldmine Interview With Carl Galletti =-.

  8. moralde says:

    I’m newbie and not much of a techie, so I really a lot on blogs like yours to gain knowledge about the innards of blogging. Looks like this post right here is a gem in terms of commenting techniques. I’m checking out the plugin again and see if it can help my blog.

    I’m not sure exactly if I understood you when you say “…get at least 10 links to each one of your blog posts” and “Google ranks pages, not sites!”. Do you mean that when we comment, we enter our url like so: “”?
    .-= moralde´s last blog ..Meet The Bandit =-.

  9. moralde says:

    Thanks for the nice ideas about commenting. I’m not sure though if I got you right when you say “…get at least 10 links to each one of your blog posts” and “google ranks pages not sites”.

    Do you mean that when we enter our URL, we should write myurl(dot)com(slash)mylatestpost, instead of just the usual myurl(dot)com?.
    .-= moralde´s last blog ..Meet The Bandit =-.

  10. gilbert says:

    Great info,,yes it true of what you said here i will take your advices…thanks for sharing this..
    .-= gilbert´s last blog ..1995 ALDS Game 5 on iTunes. Also, a request. – Lookout Landing =-.

  11. Awesome article. I haven’t gotten very far with commentluv because of extraneous factors. The times I used it I really saw the power.

    How do you think the integration of Disqus or Gigya in a blog is going to affect what we do in the future vis a vis commenting? I am using Disqus to moderate my blog and testing facebook connect, myspace and twitter API’s with the Gigya component, which also allow OpenID, Google and AOL verification. Very fussy but the end result gives us a widget to view all of your friends in any of the networks just by logging into a site using this with one of the 6 apps. I think it’s the next step for a lot of bloggers to take but I imagine there is opposition and of course alternative platforms.

    I need CommentLuv but they are working overtime on a lot of kind of systems, so for the time being they are only able to keep me up to date through, yes, the commenting system.

    I have just found this blog and will be sure to visit it often. Thanks for your insights. Some of this stuff takes a while to figure out and I’ll be hammering away…

    Stuart Liedtke @12flat

    • TheSpotter says:


      I use to use a third party plugin to help me manage comments – when they decided to sell out, I was left with 2 weeks notice to either quickly upgrade to new “version” which was doing something I didn’t like or use MANY options. I chose the later and decided to be extremely cautious before I will such plugins.

      I know disqus is bought by Automatic but I’m still not willing to jump on that wagon. I prefer my comments to stay local to my blog and not have someone else control and store them.

      • Thank you for that reply. I had no idea about who drove disqus. Have to check that one out. Their support is quick but not necessarily always a fix for my issue. I have a gravatar I discontinued stuck in someones system. When I do a test comment on a blog where I log in using facebook my image is the one I have here when I comment. When the comment shows up it’s an older pic I used as a profile shot on fb. Figure that one out, been round the world three times already on it. Socialization is getting a little out of hand, but I write about how technology is affecting us that way, so I test it.
        .-= Stuart Liedtke´s last blog ..Twitter Direct. =-.

        • TheSpotter says:

          Stuart, I think it’s fine if you chose to use them. I just don’t want to hand over content on my blog, even if it’s content submitted by my readers, to third party, who might chose to sell out once more and their policy might change and impact me and my readers.

          I’ll stick with what I can control.

          [EDIT] – My bad – I mistaken Intense Debate for Disqus. Not sure about Disqus and who controls it, many bloggers seem to recommend it but I stick to my original recommendation

        • I appreciate that. I guess I’m a little naive but competent enough to do some research and you’ve led me to thinking harder about this. What is your position on how CommentLuv interacts with a blog. Since I haven’t done that much homework on it. Actually, I joined about an hour before they shut the server down during the massive upgrade. I was a member before I understood how it worked. Then they went away briefly and I got distracted.

          I had an inkling before commenting on your post that was nagging me anyway. Nothing against Disqus as a company but I’d like to tighten up a bit and working on other stuff keeps me from making a decision before I tackle the next item.

          The first taste I did get of CommentLuv was that it was fun and where it took me was interesting. How does it work from your perspective? In lay terms? I’m used to the bit twiddling side of communications rather than the broad strokes.

          Ahhhh … You’ve inspired me to grow and I’m probably going to go take apart what I built and put it back because my original instinct is usually best. Thank you.
          .-= Stuart Liedtke´s last blog ..Twitter Direct. =-.

  12. Scott Thrall says:

    Hey Alex,

    Thanks, great information regarding commenting. I am going to go digest this.

    Nothing more I can say…this is great thanks
    .-= Scott Thrall´s last blog ..4 Habits For Affiliate Marketing Success =-.

  13. Rocque says:

    I follow Alex! Some might think I stalk Alex because I post comments on his blogs so often. Having something relevant to say is a win win combination. It makes the blog so much more informative, and adds to the author’s followers, too. I am so impressed by the wealth of information that people freely share. I have met a lot of great bloggers by reading and leaving comments.

  14. Chandan says:

    I was searching this information as I was not sure. Luckily I got in your blog. Thanks Alex.
    .-= Chandan´s last blog ..How To Put Affiliate Links In Articles? =-.

  15. Mike Humann says:

    Great tip. How would I find blogs in my niche, which have commentluv enabled? Do I just go to them and look for the commentluv logo?
    .-= Mike Humann´s last blog ..3 Things to do During the Summer to Improve you College Financing =-.