Google has changed the game (again) and I have spoke about it before but how does it impact you? What exactly do you do to benefit from those changes?

Comment Luv link
Image by thespotter via Flickr

Do You Know That By Simply Commenting You Can Greatly Increase Your Authority Status?

I have wrote before in my post CommentLuv Plus DoFollow Equal Unlimited Link Love about using CommentLuv enabled blogs to boost your blog rank and it still stands true – but with one correction!

All the changes are explained by Matt Cutts in his post on Page Rank Sculpting and when it comes down to it designed to do one thing – prevent gaming of the algorithm. And at same time it gives you a way to boost your own page rank by engaging into conversation!

“DoFollow” – “NoFollow” – while it still matters, it appears that Google has decided to allow you benefit from commenting on relevant to your Niche blogs and get some link juice! Assuming you are commenting on blogs with CommentLuv enabled!

Granted – you get less PR juice on blogs with “nofollow” but if you comment on a more relevant blog I think it will be actually more beneficial to you in the long run.

Here Are Your Action Steps:

  1. Locate as many blogs relevant to you Niche as possible with CommentLuv enabled
  2. Make it a point that EACH time you publish a new post to comment on at least 10 blogs to get at least 10 links to each one of your blog posts

Can you handle those 2 steps?

Just rememebr – Google ranks pages, not sites!

More incoming links you get to your internal posts – the higher will be your overall blog Authority Status! No gaming, no “gray” stuff – just do what Google would like you to do and enjoy the results.

And yes, if you must ask – it works! Below is an image of me getting #8 spot in Google for very competitive keyword with nothing more than commenting.