If you have been reading my blog for a while and contributing to comments perhaps you have noticed that some people tend to participate slightly more then others and some – A LOT MORE!

Case to the point my friend Dennis Edell (I hope he doesn’t mind I call him that) with 103 comments on this blog on last count! This post is a long overdue tribute to his contribution and introduction to his own blog Direct Sales Web Marketing that is filled with great content.

As its name suggests his blog is targeting people who are new to the web marketing and designed to provide information in plain english to help you develop your business and grow it into a profitable venture.

Here is a quote from his own blog with a mission, as I don’t think I can describe it better then he already did:

Direct Sales Web Marketing is dedicated to boosting DS/MLM businesses of all shapes and sizes to the next level, using purely Internet marketing principles and techniques.

And content of his blog follows that statement. How much of it you will read is up to you but I simply want to share with you some of his most popular posts and encourage you tio dig deeper if you find it interesting.

Please keep in mind that posts I have highlighted are highly subjective as they reflect my perseption of his blog and I recommend you check it out! Don’t forget to also:

  1. Subscribe to his blog’s RSS Feed
  2. Follow Dennis on twitter

Thank You Deniis for your contribution to my onw blog!