I don’t know about you guys, but I love hacks that make my day easier and life more fun. By running a busy freelance writing business I always have to look for ways to save time while keeping my work commitment.

We all face those issues I’m sure, whether you are a blogger, Internet marketer, artist, graphic designer or else. The secret to getting things done effectively is to use applications and tools that allow us to save time while staying organized.

While some of you might favor the all tech approach to hacks, I’m more the creative type of girl who loves her paper based hacks. So what can a tech geek do to keep track of daily appointments, deadlines and other important information without loosing his/her cool?

Geek hacks

Remember the Milk is a great online application that ties in with Twitter, Google Calendar, Gmail and now also with your beloved Blackberry. Ideal for tech geeks who can’t do without their online apps, this one is easy to use and keep organized with.

For most it might be even enough to get things done without the need for more clutter.

remember the milk

Another great application for tech geeks is a portable hard drive. Yes, I’m not kidding. Use a thumb drive or something bigger to carry your files around. It will save you tons of ink and in the process you even contribute to the environment by saving trees.

thumb drive

Either of these will save you a ton of valuable time if you use them correctly in place of paper clutter or even various applications. You can also use the GTDInbox application I blogged about the other day to help you keep on top of your email clutter.

The secret in creating time saving day hacks is to minimize the actions during the day. Make things easier for you.

Non geek hacks

As a wanna be geek in the past I have lately morphed into total ungeekiness. I simply found it was much easier to use simple non tech hacks to organize my day and the surprising thing is that it works.

My most favourite hack is my beloved Moleskine. I cannot rave about this little tool enough and it really has changed my life in the ways I’m staying organized with no clutter at all.

I’ve hacked my Moleskine to suit my own business with simple icons and applications and combined it with a hipster PDA for optimum performance.

That is about as un-geeky as you can be while staying ueber cool. If Hemingway carried his Moleskine everywhere, so can we.

What do you think?