I have to apologize to my regular RSS readers but unfortunately I had to switch my RSS Feed to show only summary. In last couple weeks I had to deal with more content thieves than I personally like and even though I have taken a legal action against couple – its hard to deal with those based in China or other countries non compliant with our laws and perhaps a basic morality.

Process of dealing with those idiots is simply too time consuming so the next best thing was to limit amount they can steal…

I’m willing to bet that someone has came out with another “make money blogging” product that teaches that crap as previous patterns indicate that each time something like that released – I have to deal with thieves.

It does eventually die out as all of those splogs die their appropriate death and their creators go back to searching for next “great thing” that will teach them how to make gazillion online by stealing someone else’s work.

End of rambling and once again – my sincere apologies to my regular readers for inconvenience but I simply ad no choice.