Comment Spam on WordPress blogs is a HUGE issue, especially once your blog gets some momentum and ranking, like it or not but it is a fact of our daily life as bloggers. I have personally battled comment spam problem and described it on my blog several times.

My current solution – Intense Debate plugin implementation seem to work fairly well but it seem to have a few drawbacks, one of the more unpleasant one – it seem to auto-delete some comments without me EVER seeing them. It uses Akismet to do comment spam filtering and obviously uses its database to determine what has to be deleted, so anyone unable to comment on my blog – I recommend you check Akismet for being blacklisted.

On my part – I promise that I NEVER delete comments that provided on this blog, as long as they follow Commenting Guidelines I provide right below comment form, be it through Intense Debate or regular WP Comment Form provided for browsers with javascript disabled.  But here are some stats to help you understand the extend of the problem…

Below I provide a screenshot of Akismet Stats for my blog, keep in mind it doesn’t account what Intense Debate filters, only spam that came directly through my blog Comment Form:


I personally check SPAM folder on daily bases and any comments that make it there by mistake are approved but with a HUGE number of spam automatically wiped out before I ever see them – some false positives are not uncommon and this was brought to my attention at least twice last week, which prompted for this post.

And please keep in mind – stats above DO NOT include comments filtered by Intense Debate and auto-deleted, unfortunately I can’t even provide stats for that plugin spam filers.

Your comments are VALUED on this blog!