bloghology-125.jpgEvery once in a while someone comes up with a great idea that is designed to benefit anyone involved with it. And no – I’m not talking about monetary gains. This is more in line with giving all to gain almost nothing, well almost Smile… he does get recognition!

My friend and fellow blogger Mert Erkal, who also published on this blog as guest blogger released his latest project a few days ago – Bloghology. Free Report that features us – bloggers and shares our stories and our best posts…

Well over 100 pages that consists of interviews of the fellow bloggers, many of whom I would have never found via any other means. Stories are not only captivating but also educational and display all walks of life that lead to one point – creation of successful blog!

Quoting Mert:

An anthology is a collection of poems, stories, songs, articles, or other literary passages chosen by a compiler. Similar to an anthology, a bloghology is a collection of bloggers, their profiles, photos, and links to their best posts.

Will you read it all or just pick the parts – it doesn’t matter but I recommend you at least have a look at it. Mert has put quite a few hours getting all this together and I’m sure will appreciate his work getting into right hands – YOURS! Get your copy here – FREE DOWNLOAD!

And I hope you like it enough to help Mert spread the word and distribute this report to the people it was designed for – bloggers, future bloggers, blog readers…

Ilker Yoldas, from The Thinking Blog created a set of buttons you can place on your blog to help promote this free resource and all you have to do is copy and paste, just like I have done on my sidebar(yes, I used one of the sponsor spots!).