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Blogging Won’t be a Success Without Good Web Hosting

Big bloggers, looking to get you to give them money, will say that blogging is so easy. They’ll say that you just spend a couple of dollars a month on web hosting and you’re on your way to making a ton of money.

Unfortunately, these bloggers are lying to you. Yes, you can get a blog set up for a few dollars a month, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to succeed with your blog. The reason I say that is because your web hosting is very important to your blog’s success. There are a few reasons for this.

First and foremost, the speed. If you run your site on crappy web hosts, you’re not going to do. Two companies that do well in regard to speed are Anhosting and Westhost. Think of it like this…When you go to a web page, how long do you wait around before you finally get fed up and leave? If you’re like me, you wait all of three seconds. Any longer than that and I just can’t be bothered. Your guests are the same way.

But, let’s take away your guests for a second and just talk about Google. It’s their business to deliver information as quickly as possible. That’s part of the reason they rolled out their instant search. They want you to find the information even faster than you’re able to type it. Therefore, if your site is loading slow, why are they going to show it above something that loads quickly? If Google’s customers can’t get the information they need fast, then it’s not worth Google’s time indexing it.

In other words, the speed in which your website loads is ridiculously important both for a user experience standpoint and also because of Google.

But, another reason your web hosting is so important is because of the security. There are many web hosts out there that launch and then never update their servers. These web hosts make easy money, but when your site gets hacked, suddenly they’re not available–and trust me, attempts on your site will be made sooner or later.

Some of the big security moves that your web host should do is keeping all the software on the server up to date. They also need to ensure that they don’t have less-than-ethical sites running on their servers. These sites run the risk of hacking and once someone gains access to a server, they are then able to gain access to all sites on that server. So, once again, security is important in choosing a web host.

Finally, your web hosting is integral to your success because it is how everything is delivered. It’s how you thrive. If it has the latest updates, you’re able to run the best software on the web. Therefore, you need a web host who can respond to problems quickly and make updates to the server in an expeditious time frame. If they are taking two or three days to get back to you, you’re missing out on opportunities…And that’s bad business.

So, when you’re looking to launch a blog, remember that while it might be cheap to launch, it is better to spend a few more dollars and get the better web hosting. You’ll definitely appreciate it when you’re making money and your site is always up.

Guest Post By: Jay is an Internet marketer who runs a coupon site. He has used Westhost and Anhosting in the past on previous sites. Some of the coupons on his site are the coupon for anhosting and the westhost coupon code. When launching a new blog, he advises to spend a little more time and money finding the best host because in the long run, your sites uptime, security and the support of the host will determine whether you thrive or burn. Good luck!

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8 Responses to “Blogging Won’t be a Success Without Good Web Hosting”

  1. I need a new host and have spent hours trying to figure out where to go, starting from the list of hosts that are compatible with Expert WordPress.

    This helped narrow it down a lot! Thanks for the great info as usual.

  2. Daniel says:

    It is true that any website could not work without a good web hosting. But it does not need to be really expensive. The Google example is a really good but I believe it depends. For a blog a good hosting of $80 a year is a good enough. I pay 45 per year for my webhosting and I have not had any trouble.

  3. Does anyone have any idea which companies provide the best Dedicated Web Servers that are “Managed” – in North America? Its a struggle to find a genuine list reviews for good hosts. Around $200/month max is what i want to spend. A good host is the foundation for any website and then you build from there.

  4. Adam James says:

    This is something that every blogger learns eventually, unfortunately some bloggers learn this the hard way like I have with my last host.

    I was recently with Justhost, and it’s shocking to see how many blogs hosted by them have been hacked – and they over sell their servers and make constant billing mistakes etc. (the list goes on)

    I wish I’d found a good host straight away it would have saved so many problems.

    I’ve moved to Site5 now and I’m paying more but I get awesome customer service, my sites are now fully backedup in cpanel instead of skeleton backups, no more billing mistakes and my sites run way faster.

    Learning the hard way is the best way to learn I find, it just ensures I will NEVER go back with them and i’ll try my best to help others so they don’t make the same mistake.

  5. Saman says:

    Of course the blogging is not easy. If you don’t have a good hosting service you will not be able to be a successful blogger. If site down time is more, your visitors will go back without even seen your blog. Other thing is the speed of your blog. Fast blogs will provide you a better experience than the slow blogs.

    The post you made is awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Dijin says:

    Now I understood how important is Web hosing, and what all depends on it. Thank you very much.

  7. Samuel says:

    I am happy with my host, and it seems to be performing at a level I am well pleased.

    As things grow, I will and might need to check things about the server and how they function. It is always good to keep checking these things.

    About those bloggers saying you can make a ton of money, yeah, don’t listen to them at all.