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Blogging Tips: Can Any Type Of Blog Integrate Pinterest?

More than likely, you have at least heard of Pinterest and how it is taking the world of social media by storm. The site is increasingly capturing the attention of the business community for its ability to create awareness, engage audiences, and drive traffic. It is also catching on in the blogosphere as its strong visual element has resulted in bloggers from a wide variety of niches hopping on the bandwagon in hopes of capitalizing on all the hype.

Are you ready to take advantage of Pinterest? If so, the following tips will show you how you can integrate this hot social platform into your current blogging efforts.

Grab the “Pin it” Button

Pinterest is catching on fast in terms of knowing what features users will gravitate to. With the Pin it button, bloggers can install the popular feature that allows people to share their content with others. This button is available in the form of a plugin, which lets you place it on your home page, blog posts, inner pages, or any mix of the aforementioned options. Another cool thing about the plugin is that it allows you to add a custom description for your content to ensure that the appropriate keywords are attached when people go to pin it – there’s your SEO value.

Install the RSS Widget

The key to having success with Pinterest is similar to having success with other social networks. Instead of just pinning your own material, you need to return the favor and share the content of other users as well. The Pinterest RSS widget provides a simple way to do exactly that. By incorporating this plugin, you can showcase all the interesting pins you have found through a widget positioned conveniently in the sidebar of your blog. This is a great way to establish yourself as an authority for all cool things on Pinterest – or at least all cool things that are relevant to your niche.

Add the Follow Button

Another characteristic Pinterest borrows from sites like Face and Twitter especially, is the follow aspect. If a user digs your profile and what you’re pinning, they can easily follow you with the click of a button. This simple action can also take place on your blog. Adding the button is as simple as dropping in a line of code, but if you you’re lucky enough to be a WordPress blogger, you can simply grab the new Pinterest Follow Me plugin, which automatically adds it for you.

Educate Your Readers

Maybe your readers have heard of Pinterest, but aren’t quite sure what the buzz is all about. Your blog is the perfect medium for filling them in on everything they need to know. Create a quick post that gets them up to speed on all the basics and what they could be missing out on. This is an opportunity to get your Pinterest integration off to a great start.

Guest Post By: Francis Santos is based in the LA area and an up and coming writer for Benchmark Email, a major email marketing company. He graduated from Cal State Long Beach and holds a degree in Journalism

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12 Responses to “Blogging Tips: Can Any Type Of Blog Integrate Pinterest?”

  1. Ella Turgeon says:

    These are great tips for people who are into the blogging world but want to make their way into the Pinterest world. Another interesting thought to consider is if your target audience even uses Pinterest. I read that the majority of Pinterest users are female so that’s something to consider. Thanks for the great article!

    • Samuel says:

      That could be true, but if you were looking to make an audience in that gender and age group, you hit the jackpot!

      Don’t be fooled. That is not all, and they are some lesser groups rising and taking part of this social site.

  2. Steve says:

    With Pinterest being a “goldmine” and with all these great tools, I am still not convinced to explore the pinterest “scene”.

  3. adam narzuan says:

    i’m still newbie in blogging.. this article very help me.. i hope can be succesful in blogging.. thanx

  4. Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing your post with us. Our company has just added Pinterest to our blogs. I am still a bit skeptical about Pinterest and how it would work in our tight niche market. But nether the less i am excited to see what potential it has in the long run.

  5. Leo says:

    According to this eye-opening stat that I was read up somewhere, can’t remember exactly where this was, Pinterest is now driving massive referral traffic on the internet, more than Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter (I think) combined!

    Pinterest, as of now, is invite only. Getting an invite is easy however, as easy as filling up a form on the website. My Pinterest invite has been lying around in my inbox and reading this article has just about convinced me to make a profile! Good job Alex!

  6. Amit Sharma says:

    Pinterest is no doubt a great alluring social network, but m afraid to say that this may not work for every other blog/website as Pinterest is all about pinning images, and that too big one. Though one can use InfoGraphics or using high file size images to pin up their blog content on it.
    Thanks for this post, gotta implement this stuff soon, as I’vent tried much when it comes to Pinterest. 🙂

  7. Sara says:

    I really think that Pinterest is the next greatest thing for bloggers it can really promote you. Not only that but it is fun and who doesn’t like to look at pictures. I know I do but I am a really visual person.

  8. Harriett says:

    I know a bit about Pinterest and I’m aware of some of the hype around it but I’m not convinced that it will really catch on outside of the blogging / IM world. Do you think it has real longevity? Have you heard any of your offline friends talk about it yet?

  9. Elena Anne says:

    Using Pinterest is such a good idea, just like using Facebook or other popular websites is. And I know it would be a good investment, I know a number of people who enjoy spending a lot of time on Pinterest, it’s addictive! I will love to try it using the tips your have provided. Thanks!

  10. Great post with a ton of great tips, love it! I definitley agree that integrating the Pinterest button on your blog is a great idea. Pinterest is becoming a huge resource for recipes, workout regimens, videos etc. Pinterest may now be mostly female but I see this shifting to more male audienceas time goes. I know a lot of men using it. It has helped me develop my online marketing business and driven traffic to my content.

  11. Samuel says:

    Pinterest helps any site with traffic and recently discovered SEO.

    It is a very visual place and it make you now add more awesome images to your post.

    The article does point out some requirements in order to get some of the benefits of Pinterest.