blogging-permission This post was written by Monika Mundell

Wanna bee blogger: Mum, can I pleeeaase start a blog?

Mum: Well my dear, what in the world is a blog anyway?

Wanna bee blogger: Well, it is an online platform that allows me to share my views on…

Mum: Do you need a blog for this? Don’t you do this all the time at home, at school, at work already?

Wanna bee blogger: Yes mum, I guess I do, but it isn’t the same.

Mum: Why?

Wanna bee blogger: Because… with a blog I can share my ideas, opinion, rants with the world and people actually listen.

Mum: Ahhh ok… ahem dear, what did you just ask me?

Wanna bee blogger: MUM!

Forgive my little intro here. I wanted to drive home the point of how distracted we are these days to discuss things with our family at the dinner table, at a party or even while going for a coffee with your best friend.

Have you ever caught yourself short by catching your drifting thoughts while your mum, friend, partner was talking and you weren’t really listening?

I bet you have. We all do this. Trouble is, it happens more and more and you know what’s going through your discussion partners mind when his/her eyes glaze over while you are still in the middle of the story.

This worldwide phenomena is called lack of quality time. We have forgotten on how to spend quality time with each other. Time in which we REALLY listen to what the other has to say without daydreaming or thinking about the recipe for tonight’s dinner.

Perhaps you wonder what this has got to do with starting a blog. Well, maybe nothing to you but for me it has everything to do with it, since blogging allows us to share our inner most thoughts on an easy platform. Thoughts are held for eternity and make a great family inheritance once you are gone.

In real life we hardly remember all the things we want to talk about, things that matter to us right here, right now.

But upon quiet reflection about the next blog post, we can actually stop and think and write down what really matters to our loved ones.

What a legacy to pass on to your children or grand children one day.

That is why you should start a blog. By all means if it is really private, you can keep it so and only share it with your friends and family. It’s kind of writing a diary but with much more possibilities of sharing than a simple book.

The more open you are when writing your blog, the more your personality will show through and people will love you for it. Ok, we don’t want to know everything… really, in case you do elect to keep the blog public.

We do however love to know what you love, hate appreciate and respect and why. It makes for lively discussions that go way deeper than many offline discussions.

How about you, did you ask your mum for permission to blog?