blogging-creativity.jpgThis post was written by Monika Mundell

When we talk about blogging in the circles we step, this often involves a blog that has been created to make money for the blogger itself. Since this is way easier said than done, many bloggers get discouraged by the whole process and stop altogether.

What a pity, since these bloggers could get so much more out of their blogging by using a blog as a creative tool.

Since when has blogging become a drag?

Seriously, I see it more often than not that bloggers lack inspiration because of the social pressures we put onto ourselves. We stress about traffic, page rank, content, ads and god knows what else, instead of using a natural approach and just go with the flow.

I am convinced that if we let our blog evolve naturally, it will become a much bigger force in the future. Plus we still have fun blogging.

Putting pressure onto us is never going to cut it for the long term.

So how do you blog creatively?

How about blogging about your journey in life? You could capture memorable moments in your life including photos, videos and even interviews with your grandmother and grandfather. Imagine the timeless treasure you will create that can be shared with your whole family, even your children one day.

While they never met your grandparents, your blog will allow them to leave a standing legacy for centuries to come. Or at least as long as the Internet and the world exist.

Get inspired

You can easily get inspired by using your special gift as a starting point. We are all gifted in some ways. For some it might be that they are especially good at painting, others are great at singing, playing an instrument, creating needlework and more.

Each of these talents form an ideal base to start a blog about. As you evolve in your creative niche, so will your blog. Since you are passionate about what you do, blogging about it will come more naturally too.

You are allowed to indulge your inner child

Remember when you were a child? Did you worry about time lines, money or whether something is going to work at all? I bet you didn’t.

As children we simply do – without the ulterior worry, motive or thought.

Life is simple.

Go back to that place every so often and doodle, play and indulge yourself.

Have fun.