freedom of speechWhile this topic is not exactly WordPress related it deals directly with our ability to write. Freedom of speech defined in US Constitution means nothing to some corporations who find that it is easier to get a blogger silenced by a threat of lawsuit. Even if they have to follow through with that frivolous lawsuit – it is a drop in the bucket from them, which a HUGE financial burden for 99.9% of the bloggers!

If you think it will never apply to you – think again! Anytime you write an article and share your opinion you are painting a target on your own back and it is only a matter if anyone willing to hit it or not. But time might come when they will! Learn how you can help fellow blogger who is in this position right now!

There is a long story behind the entire issue and different opinions on each side.

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I have always personally believed that ePerks have taken a personal attack on blogger and decided to smear his name with dirt. When they have failed to accomplish it – they filed lawsuit to silence him!

Now he is getting ready for a court appearance and hopefully defend himself against it but he needs our help! Defense cost money, and lawsuit defense cost a lot of money – you can help out by doing a small donation or by spreading the word!

Remember – You Could Be NEXT!

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