If you are a regular reader of my blog perhaps you have noticed that once again I have been slightly absent from regular posting, to say the least! And while I hope Monika provides you with enough information to digest and act upon I wanted to provide a quick explanation…

While I can’t provide full details just yet… for multiple reasons, I had to work over last month on checking, configuring, testing and now migrating bulk of my sites, blogs and business sites to a new host that would allow me create a more controlled, stable and easily expandable environment.

MediaTemple VE server was our final choice as it provided us with all the features we needed and given our technical background was a fairly logical jump. One of the biggest switches was to migrate all out sites, scripts, payment processing, blogs, etc to a new platform: Nginx+FastCGI

Incredible combination that is currently supported this blog and many other thing. Unfortunately migration is not complete yet, so I will be absent a bit more but perhaps I will share the process to those technically inclined to duplicate, if there is enough interest.

Thank you for continuing to visit the blog!