best-of-2008Even though we are couple days into 2009 I have decided to take the time and present you with the Best Posts of 2008 on my blog WordPress Web 2.0 Guide Spotter. Idea here is to help new readers find out what information that I have shared in last year became most read, most commented on or most accessed through RSS readers.

And perhaps it will help you rediscover some of the posts you have missed but either way it might provides an interesting insight on what is considered by my readers most engaging content in 2008.

To provide you with information I will use data provided by the Popularity Contest plugin and will also give results of WordPress Stats plugin. You can decide for yourself if any of the data useful to you or not.

Most Popular Posts of 2008 According to PC plugin

Stats above represent a compiled score of all the variables that come into play and provide probably the most accurate data I have, and here are some additional stats

Most Popular Based On Feedback

Most Popular Based On Views

Permalink Views

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  2. 13628 2 Steps To Add Youtube Video to WordPress
  3. 9278 How To Build Web 2.0 Site Using WordPress – FREE
  4. 8313 Free Translate Widget For Your Blog
  5. 7460 Web 2.0 – Social Networks As Targeted Traffic Source
  6. 7352 WordPress Most Innovative Plugins List
  7. 7326 WordPress Web-Design for Web 2.0
  8. 6746 Optimizing Your WordPress Posting Experience
  9. 6539 Sure-Fire Way To Monetize Your Web 2.0 WordPress Blog And Be Proud Of It
  10. 6252 WordPress 2.2 Theme Release – FH-Freedom-Reloaded

Home Page Views

  1. 22616 WordPress Web 2.0 Guide
  2. 10547 Create A Blog With Simplicity Using Expert WordPress
  3. 8250 What Is RSS And Why You Should Subscribe?
  4. 8224 Give And You Shall Receive
  5. 7695 Being Recognized Has Huge Rewards
  6. 7353 Dialup VS Web 2.0 Portals
  7. 7347 Optimizing Your WordPress Blog For Search Engines
  8. 7207 Blog Mastermind Video For You
  9. 7185 Web 2.0 Wealth Updated To WordPress 2.5 Plus
  10. 7106 Making Your Blog Work Harder to Achieve Your “Most Desired Action”

Feed Views

  1. 510 Bloghology – Get Your Blogging Groove On
  2. 499 National Mentoring Month Awards
  3. 441 SEO CodeBreaker – Another Hyped Product?
  4. 438 Week 3 Contest Winners Announcement
  5. 426 Enhancing Your WordPress Admin Interface
  6. 418 $30 Off On Resale Rights to Affiliate Video Brander
  7. 409 Howto Grow RSS Subscribers Count 600% Overnight?
  8. 408 Week 1 Contest Winners Announcement
  9. 393 Thieves Folow Blog Popularity
  10. 382 What Is Your Most Painful Task In WordPress

Stats above provided by the popularity contest plugin that is been installed on my blog since its inception and even though it is stopped been supported by its author – it was forced to work due to the useful features it provides.

But there is another way to look at the stats via the WordPress Stats plugin. Unfortunately it was not always installed on my blog throughout the year, as I was experimenting with different things but here are the top posts for 2008 according to WordPress Stats Plugin:

To 10 Posts Of 2008 (WP Stats)


As you can see above stats presented from different sources can be quite different and I’m not even using information from Google Analytics as it makes the water even more muddy. but what I’m leading to here is importance of at least some form of stats tracking on your blog so you can get a glimpse of what people are reading, what content they find most useful.