I have decide to do an all out today…

Well, not really! But I still wanted to share some of the interesting posts around the web that might be of help to you or of some benefit! God knows nobody is capable of accessing all the great content and by sharing some on this pages I hope to point out some.

In no particular order:

  • John Reese announced Death of Blogrush. This one was a long coming and even though it was created with best intentions – it didn’t play out quite as well as we all hoped. You need to remove the widget if it still still on your blog!
  • Jack Humphrey ranks Transcription Services in his blog post. And if you are using podcast perhaps this post will be a great opportunity for you to find one that will help you rank better in search engines. As far latest rumor has it – Google still can’t pick up the keywords from audio!
  • Terry Dean a true Internet Marketing guru and superb coach, who I haven’t had a priveldge to meet yet shares insights on the latest buzz – Forced Continuity. We have seen it time and time again and I personally hate the concept even though I understand it makes other people money. read what coach Terry has to say on it.

This rounds up the collection of posts I think you should read!