Being a light day, end of the week and all I simply wanted to share with you a few posts that I found incredibly useful reading for myself. Posts that stand out from the rest and perhaps can give you some ideas:

  • Opportunity Is Definitely Knocking by John Reese is a great reminder of what I call “action time”. It is great to be doing all the things we need in order to continue developing our blog, business but lets not forget about one thing – Action that brings income.
  • 7 Blog Promotion Tips From The Devil by Jack Humphrey is a list of things we have to be doing. I swear I’m guilty of doing at least couple things he states Not To. Particularly Number 6 hits home with me.
  • 44% of Small Businesses Still Don’t Have a Web Site by Andy Beal – an older post by in direct correlation with one by John Reese above! 44% of SBA don’t have a proper web presence! And that is an average – you area can be even higher, do you see opportunity that is knocking on your door? Owners of Expert WordPress can fulfill that need under 5 minutes and earn in process!
  • Social Media Slap by Michelle MacPhearson leads to a great video that discusses the problem many bloggers are oblivious to, right now. A must see if you want to avoid being slapped by Google.

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