I have debated if I should write this post or not for a while… Not only because I offer a product (W2.0W) that is based entirely on WordPress and uses its power but also because I had to actually think about this one, get my own bearings together…

WordPress is GREAT! In my personal opinion it is The Best Web Publishing platform for the masses! …but IS WordPress Right For YOU? Or Better yet, are YOU REALLY ready for the raw power WordPress provides? Let’s see if we can sort this out…

I think it is important to first establish what prompted this post. As I’m sure you know behind each story there are some underlying reasons and this one is not any different…

I’m a regular reader of Andy Beard’s Niche Marketing blog as I find it to be a source of great info and many times a food for thought, just like it was in this case. In the beginning of May Andy has published a series of posts that addressed a new sales page by Ken Evoy (for whom I have greatest respect). What was different this time is that Ken have chosen to take apart a popular belief that blogging is for everyone and use that angle to offer his own service.

I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed at first but the more I read the page – more points I have agreed on with Ken. And yes, I’m a long time affiliate with SBI and all links from this page – ARE my affiliate links. But this post is not about promoting his program but rather discuss the question of the day – Is WordPress Really for everyone?

This question will be looked at from one, very specific perspective:

If you begin to look at the question from this perspective – everything begins to fall into its own appropriate place. And it is actually defined in my opinion by 2 different things:

  • Your Needs
  • Your Abilities

And it is very important to honestly and properly evaluate the need versus abilities in order to make a determination if WordPress is for you.

Your Needs

While there can be quite a few definitions to this one I will separate them into 2 Distinct “needs”. And that is based on my experience with multitude of customers and readers requesting support through this blog…

  1. Business site that will serve as an Internet Presence and produce results and yet, requires little maintenance outside of the original research and content creation, except for new additions.
  2. Same as above but maintenance is not an issue and have a desire to explore new additions and enhancements to the site. Research and content are not an issue as long as there is a simple way to do it.

And now for the reasons I have provided outline…

Your Abilities

Content of this post assumes you are willing to do the work yourself to push your online presence and i will not even discuss outright purchase of everything you need – basically have someone else to do the job, but rather concentrate on Do-It-Yourself category of people. That distinction is very important…

  1. You need web site, limited technical knowledge and need a product that will simply work for you without been involved into details. Willing to work with limited options for the simplicity sake.
  2. You need web site, have some or a lot of technical knowledge or ABLE to learn and willing to work on your site to make sure it does EXACTLY what you envision. Don’t want limitations as long as extending functionalities is simple. You are willing to make things work but they HAVE to work just like you need them to.

Choosing What Is Right… For You!

All of the above was leading to this point – How Do You Identify what is right for YOU? Because neither stand-alone WordPress blog or the Site Build It solution will fit everyone needs. No matter how much anyone would like to market their product as answer to all – it is not.

  • WordPress – very expendable, customizable and allows you to turn your vision into published content. But it does have its limitations. If you decided to go with standalone WordPress blog as a “blog” or a complete CMS you need to be prepared to deal with constant upgrade cycles that so many curse and working through plugins and theme installation and customization. Best suited for people who are willing to WORK to get their vision and requiring their Internet Presence to be EXACTLY how they want it to be and with no limitations. Technical knowledge or ability to learn is a must.
  • Site Build It – complete solution that will guide you though research, content creation and optimization and then publishing on the web. Has many success stories with proven results and allows completely non-technical people create great looking and profitable sites. Best suited for people willing to deal with limitations and higher then average hosting costs in exchange for complete solution (sidenote: costs are more then justified when considering the value all the tools provide) . Great way to get started and learn process of creation of sites for profit as you work through your SBI site. Also perhaps most fitting for small business owners who don’t mind to put some work into creating web presence but need the simplicity of doing it and confidence that it will simply work without them needing to spend time to learn all underlying technology!

Now, recommendations above are very obviously one-sided. Sorry but I do come with baggage of technical knowledge and love learning how things work on my own and then implementing them as I see fit. Unfortunately SBI has limitations which don’t permit those options and while I have been an affiliate for a few years – I never own the site myself. I hate been limited!

I strongly beleive that it has a great value for many people but I recommend that you first evaluate if you are really READY for WordPress or not and if Not… Site Build It could be a great option.