About 5 hour ago I have installed a great plugin, Antispam Bee (can be found in WordPress plugins repository) to test this alternative to Akismet. Not that there was anything wrong with that plugin but I get quite a few questions on FREE alternative for business bloggers and I just had to test.

Results are stunning so far, to say the least:

Needless to say I get my unfair share of comment spam, just as every other blogger and it helps when you have some form of automation. Antispam Bee so far exceeds all expectations and considering that it doesn’t query external DB to identify if comment a spam or not and doesn’t send your information to some external site (yes, Akismet does sent quite a bit of info on comment it tests for spam) – I like it.

I will continue testing it but so far it looks promising with variety of options, including ability to check honey pot project, this plugin can be superb alternative for anyone running a blog for profit or a commercial business site based on WordPress!

I also noticed slight increase in performance as I also disabled couple additional plugins I had running along with Akismet to battle the comment spam onslaught. While I haven’t tried it myself yet (will probably test later) Antispam Bee supposedly works quite nicely together with Akismet, you just have to adjust settings a bit so it doesn’t just delete comments but sends it for Akismet’s evaluation.

However – I personally don’t see the need to duplicate the effort as “this little bee” seem to do the job quite nicely by itself and doesn’t require any licensing!

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think?