For those who don’t have Internet programming skills, WordPress is one of the most popular applications to use for blogging. It is also an excellent way to construct a website in a short amount of time. The interface is user-friendly and it is loaded with functions and tools to create a robust blog-site with little effort. Why is WordPress so attractive?

1. Open-Source – Not only is WordPress free to use, but the coding is open for modifications. Changes can be made at the code level to alter the very appearance and functionality of WordPress without repercussions of license agreements.

2. Themes – The look of your website can be changed by simply installing a theme. Although many of these are free to use, some professional and custom themes could cost you an investment of some kind.

3. Widgets – These are add-on components for WordPress ranging from calendar events that everyone can see to weather forecasts for your website. Most of the widgets you can install for WordPress are free and built by users of the application. While some have monetized the more elaborate widgets, there is a good chance someone has built a lesser, but free, version of those.

4. Plug-ins – There are literally thousands of free plug-ins to add more functionality in WordPress  For example, you can download a free plug-in for Google that will help track your website in Analytic s  Instead of modifying the actual code for your site with the information Google supplies for the tool, enter in your Analytic account number for the website and the plug-in does the rest.

5. Making Money – There are hundreds of ways the WordPress site can be used for monetizing your content. Two of the most popular ways are: affiliate marketing by adding banner codes, and Google Adsense – which a free widget can be installed to control.

6. SEO Friendly – Search engines are able to crawl the WordPress based website without much difficulty. There are plug-ins you can install for free that enhance the search engine optimization of your website as well.

7. Immediate Updates – Whether it is WordPress itself, themes, widgets, or plug-ins, new versions will advertise in your dashboard for installation, here are some wordpress website design Perth Australia experts. The actual updates are quick and require a click or two of your mouse to complete. These updates are available to add-ons that are supported by the WordPress community.

8. Supported by Millions – From beginners to advanced programmers, the WordPress community can help anyone learn every aspect of the system. A vast collection of knowledge is available to those willing to accept it.

9. Comprehensible – The WordPress dashboard is easy to understand and uses clear language for those who are not savvy in developer terminology. Posting blogs, pages, or other content is easy to accomplish, and community websites detail every aspect of the dashboard if you don’t clearly understand what a tool does.

Highly versatile and easy to use, WordPress has attracted millions of users across the globe. This content management system can help you build anything from a simple, “hello world” blogging site to an extravagant, monetized information center. Your minimum investment is the time it takes to add your content.

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