how to overcome negativityWe all have rotten days. Days when everything we do seems to be tainted by bad vibes. I should know, because today was one of those days. I got up feeling miserable. This in itself is really uncharacteristic for me because usually I’m a happy camper.

Today, however I’ve been a crabby person. Why?
Your guess is as good as mine. Actually, I do know and will reveal shortly…

When the Crab Bites, Give Yourself a Break

When we experience these off days we usually feel like fighting against our own better judgment. Doesn’t everyone else advocate personal development and being Mr Always Happy?

When you look around the Web you’d be forgiven to think like this. Just check into Facebook on any given day and you’ll be bombarded with “quote of the day” style messages.

All of them will of course make you feel even more like shit when you’re already down in the dumps.

The best line of defense against your own bad mood is to just give yourself a BREAK!

I’m serious. You are allowed to feel bad occasionally. It’s human, and it doesn’t mean you’re a failure for doing so.

Tip # 1 – Be Honest With Yourself

You owe it to yourself to honestly evaluate your current feelings. Why are you feeling like this?

Chances are there is a good explanation. When you learn to listen to your heart you’ll be amazed at what you discover.

In my case I realized (once again) that my crabbiness is due to having to deal with one particular difficult client. One I don’t know how to handle – you probably know the kind; you want to shoot her/him to the moon, but all the while you realize that she/he is too valuable long term.

Go figure!

Tip # 2 – Move Forward With Intent

Once you realize what puts you into these bad moods you can implement systems and become intent to stop them from happening again. For instance you could feel down because you have failed to:

  • Stick to a deadline
  • Bank the new client
  • Spend time with your loved ones
  • Earn enough income to pay the bills
  • Broken up with a partner
  • Make the Olympic team…

Regardless of the reason, our moods often indicate areas of our lives that need to be addressed and fixed.

While we can’t always fix everything on the spot we can certainly work at it with a conscious mind.

Every problem usually offers a solution. To find it you need to allow yourself some time out. Remove yourself from the problem to gain the distance you need. This might not be the most obvious way to behave when you’re stuck. But trust me, removing yourself from the problem at once is half the battle of finding a solution.

Think about solutions, not problems and the answers will come to you – one at a time.

Tip # 3 – Remember, Rome Wasn’t Built in one Day

Good things takes time. Now that you hopefully know the reasons of your crabbiness you can work on avoiding unnecessary mood swings in the future.

No one is always happy. That’s perfectly fine. Having said this, there are situations when being moody doesn’t cut the mustard because it’s a stupid waste of time and energy – yours and the people affected by your mood.

If you still feel like your stuck in a dark hell hole make sure you talk about your feelings with a trusted friend or professional. No one should have to walk alone – even when you’re crabby.

What do you think?


Monika Mundell is a busy copywriter, digital nomad and lover of the great outdoors. If she isn’t found hammering away at her keyboard she is probably enjoying some downtime with her hubby, babies (pet birds), or stuck on some tropical island while cruising the world.

You can connect with Monika on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn where she has been extremely un-busy over the last year. An influx of new followers might just animate her to get her act together.