If you think your blog sucks, it probably does since you are your own worst critic. There is however no real shame though, because many bloggers started a new blog not knowing how it was going to turn out years down the road. Even the great John Chow started his blog as a personal blog without any intentions of making money. And as they say, “the rest is history.”

You may currently be at a crossroad where you are making an important decision on how you can bring your blog to the next level of success. You probably have made some big mistakes before on your blog and are perhaps wiser now; hopefully. But if not, here are 3 things to consider making improvements to your blog to make it better.

1. Your Blog’s Design

Would you like to see your blog well optimized (SEO and all that good stuff), with all the right link-building strategies and now proudly sitting on Google’s page 1 for your main keyword you want to rank for? Of course you do. But, what if it is a real eyesore and has all the flaws of a badly designed blog? Well…that might be a real problem. Most people I know won’t even go near one even if the content is of exceptionally good quality. It negates whatever benefit of high traffic the search engines send you simply because your visitors aren’t going to stay very long at your blog – if they stay that is.

If you are getting tired of your blog theme, chances are your regular visitors are too, and it may be a good idea to consider changing it. In fact, I just chanced mine as this happened to me. Not that my old theme was an eyesore, but it was time for an upgrade of sorts.

There are even bloggers who change their theme frequently, sometimes every three months or so as to maintain a fresh look. With so many free themes that you can choose from, you could be spoiled with choices; although, personally I much prefer to pay a little more for a premium theme and stick with it. Those people who have done so will know just what I mean. Seriously, if you are looking for quality, uniqueness, and flexibility, SEO and with a little money to spend, a premium blog or a custom blog theme is definitely what you should go for.

2. Content

It’s always wise to do a quick review of your blog’s goals and objectives and determine if the content you have built are in relevance to them. A good blog has a well-defined set of goals, and when optimized with the right keywords, brings in very targeted traffic. Most visitors may not appreciate reading about your daily activities or which restaurants you eat at – unless of course you happened to be John Chow.

On a serious note, it’s important that your content fits the purpose of your blog and that you, for the most part, adhere to this. It’s okay to stray every now and then and get a little off-topic. After all, we’re all human and sometimes our personal side wants to come out. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, don’t forget your blog’s ultimate purpose. If anything, try to relate your personal journeys to your niche in some way. This allows you to be personal and at the same time stay relevant to your blog’s objectives.

3. True Dedication

Maintaining a blog is a long-term affair, and you must commit both time and dedication to it before you begin to see any positive results. If you truly put in the time and energy to make something out of your blog, it could very well turn out to be a successful and functional blog.

However, success will take time, and it’s important to be patient and keep working hard at it. Nothing great ever comes from not working hard.

Following these 3 simple tips will turn that “sucky” blog of yours into something that you can really be proud of.

About the Author: Alan Mater owns a work from home website and blog where he provides proven business opportunities, extra income ideas, and tips and advice about working from home on the internet.