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3 Reasons Why Blog Commenting Is Important

Commenting on other people blogs is important part of the entire blogosphere experience as it allows us to see what other people think, get new ideas and perhaps what is equally important achieve OTHER GOALS, 3 of which I want to share in this blog post.

I’m a strong believer in accomplishing many things with a single action to make sure that my time gets used correctly. I know many people who can, and actually love doing it, wonder around the web for hours. For me personally it is part of my work!

If you are short on time and have set goals for yourself that has to be accomplished, this 3 reasons should show you why I believe that commenting on other blogs is not just something that you could be doing but something that MUST BE DONE!

1. Get Traffic

Blogs are all about participation and opinions! Making your opinion known and obvious in form of comment on another blog can generate interest in what else you have to say and redirect some of the traffic that post gets to your blog.

Key to the process is being one of the first commenters. While I know a few people who read the entire comments thread, I get bored after about 10 or so and simply skim through the rest only stopping if I see a comment from someone I recognize.

Many others have even smaller attention span. So if you manage to comment within the top 10 and actually say something beyond “nice post” or “I bookmarked this post” you have a good chance of riding on the popularity of the post and get some traffic to your own.

At one point there was a tool that was designed to allow you monitor blogs of your choosing and would notify you when new post is available so you could be one of the first commenting. I see my good buddy Joe Marsh have just created a new tool that does same – check it out (not affiliate link) –

2. Get Authority / SEO Benefits

Second reason on my list have to do with SEO aspects of commenting. And I’m not talking about stuffing your keywords in the “name” field as many still attempt to do on my blog. Those guys end up in my SPAM queue without any regard to the time they sometimes spend creating a quality comment.

  • Yes, I have seen quality comments coming from keyword stuffing spammers!
  • And Yes, I do send them to SPAM! – Reading my commenting TOS pays dividends!

So how do you accomplish it then? I personally prefer commenting on blogs that have CommentLuv plugin enabled. And while its nice if those blogs DoFollow, I don’t mind commenting on nofollow blogs either, as long as I get my backlink, as we all know that Google still pays attention to it!

If you are in Internet Marketing Niche – here is a great list that Doug Champigny have compiled a great list of blogs you might want to make part of your commenting strategy – 20 Must-Follow Blogs For Internet Marketing And Affiliate Marketing In 2010

Another way to build quality links is using KeywordLuv plugin. I used to have it but have chosen to disable but this post KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All might help you understand what it does and if its right for your blog.

3. Learn About New Functionality For YOUR Blog

This reason might be least obvious to many but I think it is important one. And here is why…

Blogosphere is a constantly changing and those blogs that stay at the top by providing more interaction, more functionality, more reasons to participate have better chance to edge out the competition.

Sometimes a simple thing that you personally liked on other blog should be evaluated – Will It Add Value To My blog?

Here is most recent example:

While doing what I promote so much (commenting on other people blogs that have CommentLuv enabled) I ended up on this blog – run by a blogger named Allan. I never heard of him before but he commented on yet another blog that my friend Doug Champigny writes and I followed his link to his blog post – Getting Website Traffic in 2010.

In process of commenting I have discovered that he has a comment rating system. Idea I loved for one simple reason – it allows me to give you functionality and enable rating of comments!

Not only do you have option now to share your opinion but also rate and tell me what you think about other people comments.

LOVE IT! And I hope you will too and take advantage of the functionality provided!

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35 Responses to “3 Reasons Why Blog Commenting Is Important”

  1. Relevant comments are incredibly important. I often find myself spending 10 minutes reading an article (or watching a youtube video) and another hour (no joke!) reading through hundreds of comments, simply because I want to know what others are thinking about the topic and how it differs from my own opinion. For a website operator that additional time spent on their site can directly translate to ad revenue and other desired participation.

    .-= Michael E. Riley´s last blog ..Merchant Advances: 10 Things You Didn’t (But Should) Know =-.

  2. Keith Davis says:

    Hi Spotter
    Another post full of useful info and links.
    Good to hear you say that you generally comment on sites with CommentLuv enabled, which is what I do.
    Seems to me that if we take the time and effort to install CommentLv… then so should other blogs.
    I think it’s a great plugin and it looks good.

    I find that the commenters on a CommentLuv enabled site, often use it themselves… as I do.
    .-= Keith Davis´s last blog ..A helping hand… =-.

    • TheSpotter says:


      I comment on all types of blogs and on some without it. But as a rule – time is tight and efforts should bring results 🙂


  3. Dennis Edell says:

    You have to love it. If not, it gets pushed further down the to do list every time…it’s too important for that.
    .-= Dennis Edell´s last blog ..$100 – 10 Winners – Comment Contest! ‘Till Months End… =-.

  4. MzMelanie says:

    I totally agree and I think it's important to comment on comments. If that makes any sense.

  5. Thank you for sharing a link to my KeywordLuv post Alex. Wise people are those who read all viewpoints prior to making a decision. Since I include you among the wise I keep ending up back here to see what else you have to say.

    Thanks for the links in this post. I’ve already opened several in other tabs including the one about a comment rating system. I’ve been considering what might best accomplish that for a while now since many of my posts now have hundreds of comments in them.

    I’ll also look at TrafficSponge as I miss CliKball. I used to use it to keep me aware of recent posts of interest and miss it since it died. I don’t have as much time these days for that so I may have to rely on other bloggers to point out what is most important.

    I have no doubt I’ll be back.
    .-= Gail from GrowMap´s last blog ..KeywordLuv: How Using It Benefits Us All =-.

  6. Hey there, I am new to your blog, and I like it a lot so far. I also have begun to comment on other blogs lately as well. It does provide some traffic and seo, but one great bonus to commenting is building a relationship with other bloggers. Just thought I would throw that out there! Anyways, keep up the great posts!
    .-= Patrick Toerner´s last blog ..Amazing Way to Get 100% Unique Articles for Free! =-.

  7. Jadah says:

    Hi , just landed on your blog, this article got me thinking, the importance of true honest comments, since us readers not only search for a good article but like to read others opinions and is great to read blogs that you not only read self-adulating comments but also accepts good criticism.
    I dont usually comment, but ill start do in it more frequently from now on.
    .-= Jadah´s last blog ..What To Do If Your Twitter Account Is Hacked =-.

  8. Ivan says:

    Hi Alex, Wow.. I love your blog. Really.
    I learn about wordpress most on your blog than any other sources on the net.

    I like your comment form.

    I kinda have difficulty on putting commenter RSS feed on my site. I have tried to install Commentluv but, the last post section won’t come up on my blog.

    Maybe because of the theme?

    Anyway, you have helped me shorten my learning curve. Thanks Alex
    .-= Ivan´s last blog ..A Lonely Flower =-.

  9. Johnny says:

    A lot is discussed on Blog Commenting and Relevancy. I strongly agree with your point on learning new functionality. I learn more seeing hundreds of blogs a day than sitting on mine trying to figure new things out. You really need to open your eyes and adapt to change.
    .-= Johnny´s last blog ..We Are Building a Chatroulette Army =-.

  10. Why I love comments:
    1) they let me know someone read my post and felt moved to say something – I get attention and feedback!
    2) what goes around, comes around. I often follow the link to leave a comment on their blog in return.

    Commentluv is the best! I love being able to choose which of my last 5 posts appear.
    .-= Cheryl from thatgirlisfunny´s last blog ..Am I too fat? Stop Comparing! stay young from the inside out =-.

  11. James says:

    comment sniper is a really cool tool to get the first comment in to get traffic from.


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